Metroid Dread Update Adds Boss Rush Mode

Metroid Dread receives an update that adds a number of new modes to the Nintendo Switch action-adventure game, including a Boss Rush mode.

Boss rush modes have been a staple in video games for years now. Many games have let players take on the challenge of fighting a number of bosses one after another, and now Metroid Dread is the latest game to offer players this challenge.

A new update has been released for Metroid Dread, which adds a few new modes to the game and offers players a number of new challenges to take on. These will test a player’s skill and add more incentive to return to Metroid Dread.


The first mode that has been added to Metroid Dread is Boss Rush, which is unlocked after completing the game. In this mode, players take on the game’s bosses one at a time in an attempt to get the best possible time. Player’s missiles will be restored between each fight, though all damage received will be carried over to the next opponent. Gamers can add to their max missiles, Energy Tank, and Power Bombs after each battle, depending on where that boss is within Metroid Dread.

After gamers complete Metroid Dread’s Boss Rush mode, they will unlock Survival Rush mode. This tasks players with defeating as many bosses as possible before a timer runs out. Every boss defeated will add more time to the clock, and if the player can complete the boss without taking any damage, they will receive even more time on the clock. Gamers do not recover their missiles or health between fights in Survival Rush mode.

The new update also added Dread Rush mode, which is unlocked after completing Metroid Dread’s difficult Dread Mode. This mode has players take on 12 bosses one after another. Similar to Dread Mode, a single hit means defeat. However, players will have their missiles refilled after each fight. The final mode that has been added to Metroid Dread is Practice mode, which will allow players to practice against bosses one-on-one as they try to defeat them as fast as they can.

This is the second update to release for action-adventure shooter in 2022. Metroid Dread’s first update was dropped this past February and added two new modes for players to try. The first was Rookie Mode, which made the game a bit easier, and the second was Dread Mode. This offered players an intense challenge, as a single hit meant death for gamers, truly testing their skills. There is no word on whether there will be any more updates for Metroid Dread in the future, especially story DLC.

Metroid Dread is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Nintendo

Source: Gamerant

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