Metal Gear Solid 2 Player Beats the Game Using a Dance Pad

A Metal Gear Solid 2 player challenges themselves to complete the espionage game using just a dance mat and manages to do so after several hours.

Evidently looking for a challenge, a streamer has managed to complete Metal Gear Solid 2 while using a dance pad in an impressive feat of both foot coordination and mastery of the classic stealth title. There are always people out there who aim to go against the gaming grain, such as when someone finished Super Mario Bros. with a drum kit or the Elden Ring player who beat the game using a piano. It may seem silly, but it definitely makes for an entertaining change to the standard controller or mouse and keyboard affair.


Given its position as one of the best Metal Gear games ever made, Hideo Kojima’s 2001 title is fondly remembered as a landmark entry in the long-running series. However, those who recall playing it for the first time all those years ago will also remember the bait and switch controversy, as the famed video game auteur essentially tricked players into thinking they were playing as Snake before the game swapped him out for the less favored Raiden. But that’s all water under the bridge now, and it’s a celebrated espionage title that’s still being played to this day.

Of course, some people will happily play Metal Gear Solid 2 using a rather unique controller. As seen by The Gamer, Twitch streamer KittyRawr has managed to beat the game using a dance mat. Posting to Twitter, they were able to show the closing moments when they finally defeated Solidus, finishing the game in just under nine hours, which sounds like a long time but is impressive given the circumstances. For those wondering, when asked on Twitter, KittyRawr said they used an official PS3 Konami dance mat for the challenge.

It’s good to see people still giving love to the game, despite it being more than 20 years old at this point. The fact that KittyRawr decided to stream themselves playing it using a dance mat, as well as the fan who was recreating Metal Gear Solid 2‘s intro in Unreal Engine 5, shows just how some in the community are hanging on to the sequel.

It’s a shame that many people feel the series has taken a nosedive in recent years. Hideo Kojima’s games are known for their in-depth stories, sometimes even bordering on prophetic in terms of themes. At the very least, the Metal Gear franchise has had a long and successful life, and while many don’t hold out for a return to form for any future release, there are still the classics that have Kojima’s name stamped on them.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was released in 2001 for PS2.

Source: The Gamer, Twitch

Source: Gamerant

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