Metal Band DragonForce Releases Song About The Legend of Zelda


  • Metal group DragonForce releases a new track inspired by The Legend of Zelda series, showcasing the impact of video game music on other media.
  • “Power of the Triforce” combines heavy riffs and guitar solos with Zelda-themed lyrics, capturing the attention of fans.
  • Metal and video games complement each other, as many titles, like DOOM Eternal, feature rock and metal tracks to enhance the gaming experience.

Metal group DragonForce has released a new track based on the Legend of Zelda series. Many bands have made music inspired by various video game franchises, showing the impact that the medium has had on our society. Video game music and the metal genre have crossed many times, showing that the two can go hand in hand.

One group that has done so is the popular power metal band DragonForce, which is famous for its guitar acrobatics. The band is also known for being featured in the Guitar Hero series with one of the hardest songs to play in the games, “Through the Fire and Flames.” The group has touched on a number of different franchises in their lyrics, with their latest being a song based on the Legend of Zelda series.

DragonForce has dropped a track entitled “Power of the Triforce,” a metal piece taking many cues from the Legend of Zelda games. The song still features the heavy riffs and blistering guitar solos that the group is known for, but has lyrics that will catch the attention of any fan of Nintendo’s RPG series. These lyrics point to aspects of the franchise such as the Master Sword and Zelda villain Ganon. The music video for “Power of the Triforce” also alludes to the games as it shows the band’s members trying to pull a sword out of a stone.

Last year, DragonForce released a song based on the Dragonborn from Skyrim, entitled “The Last Dragonborn.” The band is known to enjoy video games, with guitarist Herman Li streaming himself playing titles such as Starcraft and Among Us. He is one of a number of rock and metal musicians to show a love for the hobby, helping to spread its popularity and influence into different parts of our society.

Video games have taken a cue from metal music as well. A number of titles have featured the genre in their soundtracks, turning up the energy for players as they make their way through the games. Titles such as Brutal Legend, Quake, and Twisted Metal have all featured rock and metal tracks, which all fit the themes and settings seen in them. The DOOM Eternal soundtrack was one of the latest to channel the intensity and energy of the genre, leading with the powerful track “The Only Thing They Fear is You.” It helps show that metal and video games go well together, as they can both pump up fans and hand out amazing experiences.

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is available now for Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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