Mass Effect Fan Builds Normandy Ship Out of LEGOs

Since there isn’t an official LEGO set out for Mass Effect, one fan got creative with their recreation of the Mass Effect ship, the SSV Normandy.

Mass Effect fans are some of the most passionate gamers out there, and one in particular decided to show off their appreciation of the series in a creative way. Using some spare LEGO parts they had around the house, they managed to make a decent-looking replica of Mass Effect‘s signature ship, the SSV Normandy.

Mass Effect takes place in the Milky Way galaxy in a unvierse where humans have mastered space flight. Out of all of humanity’s ships, Mass Effect players take command of a Human Alliance frigate called the SSV Normandy. The Normandy is the most advanced ship in the Alliance Navy, and its first appearance in all three games of the Mass Effect trilogy is always a welcome sight. The Normandy became a second home for Mass Effect players as they explored the galaxy.


Part of the Normandy’s distinctive look are its long body with the cockpit at the front, as well as its four wings, with two folded in during faster-than-light travel. Reddit user Hazelpancake shared their creation for the world to see, and it does resemble the classic ship. Considering that it’s not a custom-made set, the resemblance is still pretty good. Some comments on the original post give praise to Hazelpancake for their work on recreating the iconic ship just from LEGO scraps they had.

While there isn’t a specific LEGO set for Mass Effect, other Mass Effect players have tried their hand at recreating their favorite characters. The passion of the Mass Effect community shows in the way they do things these LEGO recreations, and also support for anyone looking to dive into the world of Mass Effect.

With the release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition last year, a whole new generation of gamers has the chance to experience this trilogy of games for the first time. For some, it might be their second, third, fourth or possibly more, playthroughs of the trilogy. For years, it seemed like EA had no plans to bring the series to the current generation of consoles, but it finally caved to pressure and remastered the original Mass Effect trilogy.

Mass Effect fans had been waiting for a re-release of the original trilogy for years. Some consider the Mass Effect games to be one of the best RPGs of the seventh generation or perhaps one of the best series from that generation as a whole. With a new Mass Effect on the horizon, the series’ future is looking bright.

Source: Gamerant

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