Mass Effect 4 Will Use Unreal Engine 5

A job listing for the next Mass Effect, as well as follow-up reporting on the subject, has confirmed the game will be built on Unreal.

Mass Effect 4, the next game in the beloved-yet-controversial Mass Effect franchise, is easily one of the most highly-anticipated games currently in development. Fans of BioWare’s library of games are hungry for any information about the project, but Mass Effect 4 is some ways off, so details are scant. One particular aspect of Mass Effect 4 has garnered a lot of attention, which is the engine it’ll run on. It seems Mass Effect fans finally have an answer, as Unreal Engine appears to be BioWare’s choice.


In a job posting listed on Twitter by BioWare producer Brenon Holmes, programmers are requested to apply to work on the next Mass Effect game. The one aspect of development experience referenced by Holmes in the tweet is with Unreal Engine 4/Unreal Engine 5. The job listing itself also lists as a requirement that applicants have experience in “Full cycle AAA game development” using Unreal. As such, it’s effectively confirmed that the next Mass Effect is using Unreal.

If that wasn’t enough, like if BioWare was looking for Unreal developers because it most closely resembles developing on EA’s in-house Frostbite Engine, there’s luckily further confirmation. GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb said on Twitter that multiple sources have confirmed Mass Effect 4 is being built on Unreal. He also confirms it’s Unreal Engine 5 and not 4. Further, he says that this was a decision made by the team developing the game and not an executive mandate like EA’s previous shift to Frostbite.

BioWare using Unreal Engine 5 for Mass Effect 4 has long been a subject of rumor and speculation, but had yet to be confirmed. The reasons why have to do with frustrations over BioWare’s use of Frostbite for Mass Effect: Andromeda and other titles and the technical issues surrounding those games. Reports then followed regarding how difficult Frostbite is to work with for games that aren’t first-person shooters. As such, fans wanted a return to Unreal, which was used for the Mass Effect trilogy.

There’s obviously another element to fans wanting Unreal Engine 5 to be used for Mass Effect 4. That being how impressive Unreal Engine 5 games have looked so far. Games including Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2, Dragon Quest 12, Redfall, The Callisto Protocol, and more are all being built on Unreal Engine 5. Even smaller games like Little Devil Inside are using Unreal Engine 5 and look lovely.

Much remains to be revealed regarding Mass Effect 4. A Mass Effect 4 release is likely years away. Yet with one key confirmation, Mass Effect fans are going to feel that much more at ease and excited about the project’s development.

Mass Effect 4 is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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