Marvel’s Spider-Man’s FEAST Has a Hilarious Flaw

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a critically renowned video-game adaptation of an iconic character, known for its fast-paced gameplay and accuracy to the source material. The award-winning title received massive praise upon its initial release on PS4 and rerelease for the PS5, and among the different areas commonly given recognition when the game is discussed is its attention to detail. While Marvel’s Spider-Man is graphically impressive, Insomniac apparently missed one thing in one of the game’s central locations, the F.E.A.S.T. homeless shelter, which features a bizarre vent that seemingly goes nowhere.


Throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s runtime, the player becomes quite familiar with several different key locations, such as Dr. Otto Octavius’ Lab and the aforementioned F.EA.S.T shelter. While players only spend a few moments in these areas outside optional exploration, each location is filled to the brimmed with impressive graphical assets and Easter eggs that draw references to the comics the game is based on. Although Insomniac studios did an excellent job in rendering these unique areas, they didn’t quite get things completely correct.

Players wouldn’t be faulted for missing this obscure and hilarious Spider-Man error, as throughout the story Peter Parker only visits the homeless shelter a handful of times. Typically, the player is swinging through New York’s beautiful landscape, not looking at the different brick walls in search of a vent cover. One eagle-eyed player on Reddit identified a humorous oversight on Insomniac’s part, a wall vent which has a solid brick wall beneath its vent cover. Although the error may seem like a glaringly obvious mistake on the developer’s part, it took over four years for it to be shared on social media, a testament to Insomniac’s stellar graphical design.

Typically, the graphical errors or bugs featured in Marvel’s Spider-Man deal with performance issues like frame rate drops or audio issues, not actual errors within the games world design. The PlayStation title is full of different references to other Marvel characters littered throughout the game’s map, but is noticeably lacking in visual mistakes like the brick wall vent. This error in particular is a hilarious reminder that even studios as renown as Insomniac can’t always find every minor mistake.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is a strongly developed title, with a well-deserved Game of The Year award. Its graphical fidelity alone is deserving of praise, with very few graphical bugs or errors that fans can point out. While the vent in the F.E.A.S.T. shelter is funny mistake to point out, it’s one of the few obvious mistakes featured in the title even after its subsequent remaster for next-generation consoles.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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