Marvel’s Spider-Man Fan Shares Neat Redesign Of Amazing Suit

A clever Marvel’s Spider-Man fan shares a special concept that transforms The Amazing Spider-Man costume, fixing the original’s issues.

As shown by the massive suit lineup in Marvel’s Spider-Man, the wall-crawler has worn many different costumes over the years. However, not all are popular, and one Marvel’s Spider-Man fan has gone out of their way to fix the divisive costume from The Amazing Spider-Man.

While Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker has been getting a lot of love lately, with many seeing him as a great part of some lackluster movies, most will agree that his original suit was disappointing. While the costume from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was excellent, as it fixed the complaints that Marvel fans had with the first attempt at the classic costume, the original suit made some questionable design decisions. Fortunately, Redditor JackyWackyGFX shared a concept that shows just how much better the suit could look with a few adjustments.


Capitalizing on The Amazing Spider-Man hype, JackyWackyGFX swapped the classic blue color with black. Not only does this color scheme resemble the classic black and red suit from the comics, but it also looks like the Upgraded Suit from the MCU. While the classic blue and red may be more recognizable to fans, it is hard to argue against the idea that black looks better on this particular suit. The texture used for the blue material suits black better, and the thin, long spider stands out better with black used as the accent color.

Aside from this clever change to the color palette, the Marvel’s Spider-Man fan also fixes the biggest criticism fans had with the original suit: the yellow eyes. Not only do many view the yellow as ugly, but the eyes themselves were thin and close together. They lacked the shape that fans had come to expect, and with the white color being so iconic to Spidey’s suits, many wished it was used for Andrew’s first proper suit. Thanks to the Redditor’s concept, they can see how good the white eyes would have looked. The classic lenses are noticeably wider, too, instantly elevating the costume to a higher level.

This Marvel’s Spider-Man suit concept has been met with several positive reactions. Thus far, it has brought in over 3,700 upvotes, with dozens of praise-filled comments seen as well. LYKXzz comments that they always thought red and black would look better for this particular costume, with D3wdr0p believing it better suits the edgy style that the outfit was clearly going for. Other commenters point out the similarities to the original Ditko suit and the Superior Spider-Man costume, while Funniestpersonhere wishes that the design would become official.

While a Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 suit creator is unlikely, posts like this show that many players would take full advantage of such a feature if it were ever added. For now, though, fans will have to keep editing the photos they take within the game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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