Marvel’s Avengers Fan Shares Hello Kitty Skin Concept For Black Panther

Some of Marvel’s Avengers’ character skins are a little bit lacking, so one fan decided to mash-up Black Panther with the adorable Hello Kitty.

Given the sheer number of costumes that Marvel superheroes wear during their careers, it makes sense that Marvel’s Avengers would be full of iconic outfits for players to dress their team in. Unfortunately, some of the game’s community is less than thrilled with the costumes on offer, causing them to make their own outfits to scratch that itch, creating a franchise mash-up between Marvel’s Avengers and Hello Kitty.

Posted to the subreddit r/PlayAvengers, user u/Youngjojo posted a picture of their ideal costume for T’Challa, dropping the black armor for something a little more colorful in line with one of the classic Hello Kitty designs. Complete with cute eyelashes, a yellow nose, and a bow, the design actually doesn’t look too far off from something that might be included in the game if Marvel’s Avengers were to do more crossovers outside of the superhero world.


In the comments, other Redditors can’t seem to decide if they love the design with its bright pink and white color or if it’s slander on the Black Panther name. Due to the color of its design, u/Youngjojo’s version of the king of Wakanda is actually reminiscent of a lot of other fan-made Black Panther designs that cross the character over with the detective the Pink Panther. Click here to see more images of the skin.


Marvel’s Avengers has seen some significant ups and downs this year. The game has had some fantastic content additions like the Hawkeye DLC and the War for Wakanda expansion. Unfortunately, however, not everything that’s been added has been as well received by fans as the two biggest pieces of DLC. Spider-Man was recently added to PS4 and PS5 versions of the game, but fans were underwhelmed by the lack of story content and new missions that he came with, giving the long-hyped hero something of a lackluster launch.

What’s more, while the title made its way to Xbox Game Pass in September, it also added even more microtransactions to it, allowing Marvel’s Avengers players to purchase XP. The community was so vocally opposed to the game including even more microtransactions that purchasable XP boosts were removed soon after being added in the first place.

It’s still to be seen what’s in store for Marvel’s Avengers in 2022 and, hopefully, it continues receiving support as its community, while perhaps not as big as Square Enix had hoped for, is certainly still alive and want even more heroes to be added to the mix. Crystal Dynamics Senior Brand Manager Nick Edwards clarified recently that there is still plenty on the horizon for the game, but its specifics can’t be shared just yet.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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