Marvel’s Avengers Adds Thor’s The Avengers MCU Outfit

Marvel’s Avengers debuts another entry in its MCU-inspired line of purchasable cosmetic skins with Thor’s iconic outfit from The Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers‘ most popular skins have inevitably become those based upon the hugely successful Marvel Cinematic Universe films that feature such characters. Characters such as Thor, for example, have not always had widely agreeable cosmetic skins in Marvel’s Avengers, but those inspired by the MCU have generally been received well by fans.

Because of this acknowledgement, Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have seemingly prioritized getting more MCU skins into Marvel’s Avengers since the game’s launch. Thor’s highly requested Avengers: Endgame outfit, for example, pleased fans of the MCU as well as fans of Marvel’s Avengers. Now, Thor is scheduled to receive another iconic outfit for Marvel’s Avengers that is based upon his appearance in the Avengers’ first ensemble film.


Marvel’s Avengers is set to add Thor’s iconic outfit from The Avengers (2012) to the Marketplace tomorrow. The Avengers featured a fresh-faced Thor bereft of the facial hair and eyebrows that he was given for his debut standalone movie, and thus looks more naturally appealing. Thor arrives on Earth in The Avengers to recover his brother, Loki, and aid in the battle of New York City against the Chitauri. Marvel’s Avengers‘ associable MCU outfit represents the scaled, silver-and-blue armor and red cape that he wears during this battle.

Thor’s drastic redesigns in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are perhaps the most diverse out of any character, with an exception being made for Tony Stark’s plethora of Iron Man suits, which result in a diverse abundance of character skins that Marvel’s Avengers may pull from for cosmetic skins. Not every MCU outfit has been exhausted yet, however, so fans can continue to look forward to what skins may be introduced into the game next.

Marvel’s Avengers‘ latest DLC arrived at the end of last month with Spider-Man, who has immediately drawn gameplay comparisons to other iterations of the character. It is surely only a matter of time before Marvel’s Avengers‘ Spider-Man receives his own batch of representative MCU outfits, and until then it seems as though Square Enix will continue debuting skins for other characters in the meantime.

The Avengers is the culmination of the MCU’s prior standalone installments with each of its pivotal affiliates having to band together despite their differences. Therefore, Thor’s newest outfit is a fitting outfit to include in Marvel’s Avengers‘ ensemble game, though it is only one of the many prolific MCUinspired cosmetics added to Marvel’s Avengers that players can purchase once it arrives in the Marketplace tomorrow.

Marvel’s Avengers is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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