Marvel’s Avengers Adds Another MCU Black Widow Skin With Requested Detail

Marvel’s Avengers continues to round out Black Widow’s MCU cosmetics with a unique detail change that fans hope carries into her other skins as well.

Because Marvel’s Avengers has been putting so much effort into adapting skin cosmetics from the Marvel Cinematic Universe as source material, players have become more and more detail-oriented when it comes to assessing how well Marvel’s Avengers is able to adapt outfits for its respective character models.

Marvel’s Avengers‘ MCU cosmetics portray the characters’ suits without complaints from fans. But apart from the characters’ clothes, players notice when other unique details are not accounted for. Clint Barton’s default skin debuted Hawkeye with a shaved head in Marvel’s Avengers, for example, and players were quick to note how peculiar this character’s head looked with the MCU Hawkeye’s suits. This has since been rectified, and another character’s newest MCU suit addition seems to be doing the same.


Marvel’s Avengers recently announced its latest MCU skin will be the black leather outfit from Black Widow, which fans have requested since the movie’s release. But an even more significant detail may have been revealed with the skin cosmetic’s announcement. In the image of the MCU’s Black Widow skin that Marvel’s Avengers has provided, the character’s hair is done up in a ponytail just like her live-action counterpart.

Black Widow’s outfits in the MCU are primarily black leather bodysuits, at least before she was given more iconic suits in later movies. Black Widow’s movie appearances are then much more identifiable due to her unique hairstyles, which change between each movie. Black Widow’s flat-ironed hair from Captain America: The Winter Soldier, for example, marks a departure from her bouncy head of curls from Iron Man 2.

Rather, Crystal Dynamics has not previously adapted Marvel’s Avengers‘ model to reflect the character’s unique hairstyles from the movies. Marvel’s Avengers had already featured a blonde bob cut for Black Widow before her skin from Avengers: Infinity War was added, so no explicit adaptation was needed to make the skin look more authentic to its source material. However, Black Widow’s Avengers: Endgame skin and white-suited Black Widow skin feature the character’s default hairstyle from Marvel’s Avengers.

While this issue does not have anything to do with Marvel’s Avengers‘ gameplay, MCU skins have become some of the game’s most popular assets, and fans’ devotion to their accuracy has led to these changes. No word yet has confirmed whether Black Widow’s previous MCU skins will be given a cosmetic rework to accommodate for this accurate hairstyle change. Regardless, Hawkeye’s own cosmetic reworks should inspire optimism in fans for the future of Marvel’s Avengers‘ skins.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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