Marvel Snap Update Includes New Cards and Fixes a Variety of Problems

The latest update to Marvel Snap brings players brand new cards, new features, and multiple bug fixes for the superhero collectible card game.

A new update to developer Second Dinner’s hit collectible card game Marvel Snap adds over a dozen new cards and the new Token Shop feature to the PC and mobile title, along with several bug fixes. Fans of the addictive card battler had been anticipating this update ever since details about Marvel Snap Pool 4 and 5 were revealed by the game’s developers on Discord earlier this month.

Marvel Snap is a collectible card game for mobile and PC that lets players take control of some of the mightiest heroes from Marvel Comics and do battle against online opponents in turn-based matches. Launched in October of this year, Marvel Snap has received generally positive reviews from critics and players due in part to its surprisingly deep gameplay and regular releases of new cards. Although the game offers a battle pass option that lets players unlock additional cosmetic items, frequent item drops and unlocks help ensure that free players are competitive in Marvel Snap.


A new tweet from the official Marvel Snap Twitter account announced the release of the latest patch for the game and detailed some of the new features included in the update. This latest update brings the introduction of the Series 4 and Series 5 cards to the game, which include 10 and 6 new cards respectively. One of the most exciting new additions to Marvel Snap for many players will be the Token Shop, which will let players target specific cards to grind for rather than hoping that the RNG for drops works in their favor. Starting at Collection Level 500, players will be able to earn Collector’s Tokens that can be spent in the new Token Shop.

The new Marvel Snap patch also brings several balance tweaks along with general updates. One major update likely to please gamers eager to unlock cards they’ve been eyeing in the new Token Shop is a change to Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves, which will now reward players with Collector’s Tokens instead of random card boosters. Attempting to address player complaints about balance issues with some popular cards, Angela, Destroyer, Mysterio, and Sera have all seen their Power nerfed by 1 point. Players looking for a bit more flair for their deck will be happy to hear that new border visuals make “Cards upgraded to Infinity look WAY COOLER!” according to patch notes.

This latest update to Marvel Snap not only gives players a slew of exciting new cards to unlock, but also makes working towards specific cards drastically easier with the introduction of the Token Shop. As players wait to see what’s in store for Marvel Snap in 2023, the mountain of new content in this patch should help pass the time a bit quicker.

Marvel Snap is available now for Mobile and PC.

Source: Gamerant

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