Marvel Snap Disables Kitty Pryde to Fix Ongoing Issue

Marvel Snap has revealed it has temporarily disabled Kitty Pryde to resolve an ongoing crash issue in the game. Kitty Pryde is a relatively new addition to Marvel Snap, so it’s surprising to see her already pulled from play.

Marvel Snap is approaching a year old, after its initial release in June 2022. It continues to receive frequent support, with one recent Marvel Snap update nerfing Thanos. As a free-to-play game, Marvel Snap has been extremely popular with fans of the comic-book franchise, even as the Marvel Cinematic Universe has stumbled in some recent installments. Ultimately the developer of the game will be hoping the movies get back on track with upcoming films, as the success of Marvel Snap is undeniably linked to the popularity of the movies.


The update came via the official Marvel Snap Twitter, revealing that a game crash had been discovered when playing against Kitty Pryde. As of right now, gamers can’t queue into matches while Kitty Pryde is part of their deck, and she won’t show in future card rotations in Marvel Snap‘s Token Shop. The cause of the issue has yet to be specified by the developer, but it has revealed that it will be compensating players for the current inconvenience at a yet-unrevealed date. In replies to the tweet, many players were already asking for a refund of the tokens that they’d spent on Kitty Pryde.

Right now, it’s unclear how long Kitty Pryde will be unavailable for players to use in-game. Kitty Pryde was only recently added to Marvel Snap in the current Days of Future Past event, so players have barely had the time to get to grips with how to use her. Hopefully the crash issue isn’t too complex for the developer to fix, and Kitty Pryde is back available for use as soon as possible. It’s not clear how widespread the issue actually was, but removing her for now is still the right precaution to take anyway.

It’s unknown what is coming next for Marvel Snap. Among the stream of new content, the developer is constantly changing the meta of Marvel Snap, meaning that players are having to frequently change the way they play which is an efficient way to make the game feel fresh and new to players. Right now, players will have to enjoy the ongoing Days of Future Past season, with it currently planned to run well into April before anything else is revealed for the game.

Marvel Snap is available now for PC and Mobile.

Source: Gamerant

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