Marvel Snap Developer Update Details Animals Assemble Season

Marvel Snap has just released a new Developer Update for April, which details the upcoming Animals Assemble season. Previous seasons explored various themes such as the Symbiote Invasion, Warriors of Wakanda, The Power Cosmic, and Savage Land, among others. The most recent one was Marvel Snap‘s take on Days of Future Past, which took inspiration from fan-favorite characters within the X-Men franchise.

As the game continues to flourish, additional locations and cards are regularly introduced in line with the associated themes of the month. Every new card released per season helps Marvel Snap players come up with new combos for their existing decks. The meta for the deck-building aspect of the game continues to change with each month that passes. That’s why most fans are excited with every Developer Update that comes out.


For April’s Developer Update, a whole slew of cards has just been announced as being part of Marvel Snap‘s Animals Assemble season. The most important one to discuss is the upcoming season pass feature. Marvel Snap‘s Hit Monkey card is currently creating a lot of buzz for what fans may be assuming is a possibly overpowered card. The Developer Update goes on to share fresh ones like Stegron, Snowguard, and Jeff the Land Shark. The latter, Jeff, is seemingly the focus of the video because of how cute he looks.

As always, each Marvel Snap season also introduces new locations to be featured. However, the April Developer Update implies that only two new locations will debut, The Pet Avengers Mansion and The Sand Bar. Out of the two, The Sand Bar might be the one that could be a game-changer, as it benefits those decks which revolve around Patriot. The said place only allows cards with no abilities to be played there. With abilities being a major factor in the gameplay, a lot of gamers might have to switch up their play styles to be able to avoid the hurdle the area provides.

The Developer Update ended with a small tribute to the development team’s pets which was a cute and subtle way to help promote the animal-themed month coming up. Most people consider pets as relaxing companions, and the upcoming season seems more relaxed than the others. With the Marvel Snap team hard at work in developing new features in the future, this upcoming season may be a small breather for them. The focus on introducing a few cards and locations this season may be one way of preparing fans for bigger improvements in the coming months.

Marvel Snap is available on mobile devices and PC.

Source: Gamerant

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