Mario and Luigi Fans Think The Brothers Could Take Sephiroth in a Fight

Some Mario and Luigi fans estimate the plumbers’ power level is high enough to take on Sephiroth, the one-winged angel from Final Fantasy 7.

A group of fans proposed an interesting yet unlikely fight between Mario and Luigi from the Super Mario franchise and Sephiroth, the alien angel from Final Fantasy 7. The battle between the plumbers from Super Mario and the villainous super-soldier Sephiroth seems lopsided at first. But like many cartoonish characters (looking at Kirby) from the Nintendoverse, the power of Mario and Luigi is way more than some may expect.

Nintendo characters have insane power scaling, mostly due to the playfully magical worlds they live in. For instance, even though Bowser once tanked an explosion from a Galaxy Reactor that had the power to obliterate the universe, Mario has the ability to beat him to the point of unconsciousness, automatically elevating Mario to a universal threat level. He’s able to do more damage than a universe-erasing explosion. That seems a little overpowered, but to put it in perspective, Kirby is capable of punching with the force of 201,000,000 megatons– enough to crack planet Popstar in half and delete Earth and maybe a few other planets from the galaxy.


The Twitter thread was created to propose hypothetical battles between fictional characters from different worlds. Twitter user GirlSephiroth was the one to bring up the contest, following their earlier suggestion of Dedede versus Bowser. The responses all recognized that the fight wasn’t fair, and not because Final Fantasy 7‘s Sephiroth’s overpowered. Most in the thread firmly believed in Mario and Luigi’s victory. For one thing, the two have magical items that Sephiroth won’t be able to handle, such as the Falling Star and the hammers they wield that let them counter his attacks. Don’t discount their physical abilities either– both Mario and Luigi are fast enough to avoid Sephiroth’s attacks and strong enough to deal serious damage to him even without magical weapons.

While Sephiroth is strong enough to throw grown men through walls and lift people impaled on his sword with one hand, Mario and Luigi have enough strength to stand toe to toe with a Grand Star-enhanced Bowser in Super Mario Galaxy 2, an enemy powerful enough to create a black hole capable of eating the entire universe. Where Sephiroth wields powerful magic without the need for Materia and has the Limit Break “Supernova” that has the power to damage even other dimensions, Mario and Luigi have defeated beings like Dementio, who surpassed the void and threatened to consume all dimensions.

The plumbers from Super Mario have more options at their disposal to deal with Sephiroth than vice versa, as well as their long roster of friends that would help them overcome such a fight. The two could catch Sephiroth off guard, which would frustrate him and shake that infallible confidence of his. The two approaching him to battle may bemuse Sephiroth, but his nonchalant and calm appearance could change once he tries to impale Luigi with Masamune only to miss, or worse get caped and smashed with a hammer.

Source: Gamerant

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