Make-Up Artist Shows How Characters Look at the Start of A Game Compared to the End

One TikTok make-up artist shares a video showcasing how she would look as an NPC in popular video games, first at the beginning and then at the end.

TikTok has become an increasingly popular social media and content creation platform over the years, and TikTokkers are taking advantage of it to produce some incredibly creative works. While many TikTok videos serve as tributes to beloved gaming franchises, some put a unique spin on the premise. One make-up artist recently shared a video showing how she would look as an NPC in three popular video games, first at the beginning of the game and then at the end of the game.


While TikTokker cosmetic_hannah has put together full cosplay videos of other characters in the past, including Suicide Squad‘s Harley Quinn, this video is less specific. Rather than recreate certain characters with her look, Hannah has opted to evoke the mood and aesthetic of the games in question, particularly in the endgame shots.

The video begins with Hannah taking several sections to explain the premise of the video through text before launching right into the first game, Detroit: Become Human, where she envisions herself as an android. At first, she has her hair tied neatly back, wears a neat black and white outfit with a plastic smile, and her face is largely unchanged save for the circular blue LED on her forehead. However, the scene soon changes to show her dinged up, with her LED dead, her hair loose, and her jaw seemingly torn open to show the metal underneath.

Next up, Hannah presents herself as a survivor in the apocalyptic world of The Last Of Us. She introduces herself as a young, frightened, and wide-eyed girl with a bob cut, a rainbow-covered shirt, and an uncertain grasp on a baseball bat. Her endgame look features much longer hair, a black leather outfit, and bright red scrapes across her face. The scene concludes with her smirking at the camera and seemingly tossing a Molotov cocktail at the viewer.

Finally, Hannah enters the adventure-filled world of Uncharted, where she initially presents herself as an academic with a long braid, a cardigan, glasses perched on top of her head, and a preoccupation with her book. After she cracks the book open and shows an image of a ring enthusiastically to the camera, the scene changes to show her with a bruised face, a white jacket, and a seemingly fearful expression. After giving the audience a second or two to absorb her make-up skills, she quickly closes the book and looks away from the camera, ending the TikTok video.

Source: Gamerant

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