Lost Ark Twitch drops: what they are and how to get them

Lost Ark Twitch drops are in-game rewards that you get by watching participating streamers via Twitch. (Or having their streams open in another tab while you should be working.) If you’ve seen players zooming around Arkesia on the top of golden electric hoverboards while accompanied by pets that look like mystical foxes, those rewards came from Twitch drops given away to celebrate Lost Ark’s launch.

With this guide, you’ll be able to look just as garish as those high-flying fancypants. You’re welcome.

What Lost Ark Twitch drops are available?

There are two current Twitch drop promotions running. The first, the Saphia pet selection chest, lets you choose one of six pet foxes. They come in white, pink, aqua, orange, black, or yellow, and you pick a color when you open the Saphia pet chest. Like all pets, they autoloot and provide both +5% max HP and +10% crit chance when summoned. If you’ve got a current crystalline aura (essentially Lost Ark’s paid subscription), pets can also be used to access storage, both personal and roster, as well as repairs and the market wherever you are.

Also like other pets, each one is “hardship specialized” against a specific element, like flame, wind, ice, or darkness. Hardship specializations only come into effect when you send a ship on a dispatch mission, which unlock once you’ve got a stronghold. As well as assigning crew to the mission you can assign one pet, and if their specialization is the same as the mission’s hardship, you’ll have a better chance of earning bonus loot. (Note that you can still summon a pet while they’re on a dispatch mission.)

The second promotion is a bit more complicated. It’s called Legends of Lost Ark, and it has four tiers of rewards. Participating streamers were put in teams, working their way up through the tiers as they played. If you got in early you’d earn the first three tiers, which included battle item chests (which contain consumables like potions and grenades), paper masks, and a pet that looked like an angry chicken. However, all the streamers have made it to the final tier and only the current tier’s reward is available, which is a shame. No matter which of the participating streamers you watch, you’ll get the Neugier Gold mount.

The Neugier Gold is the electric hoverboard that makes a somewhat obnoxious noise when you’re riding it. Unlock other mounts it can’t jump, but it does have a boost that can be enabled by holding down Q.

How to get Lost Ark Twitch drops

To activate Twitch drops, go to the Lost Ark website, sign into Twitch, link your Steam account, and finally click on the activate button. To get a Twitch drop you have to watch four hours of a participating stream. For the Saphia pet selection chest, that’s the Crown Channel. Make sure to rack up your four hours before the promotion ends on March 7 at 12am PT/8am UTC.

For the Neugier Gold mount, any Lost Ark streamer with the “drops enabled” tag will do. There’s a lot to choose from, so I like to scroll down and find a lesser-known streamer who could do with an extra view, but there are plenty of other tags to help you navigate. The deadline for this one is March 1 at 12am PT/8am UTC.

When you’ve earned a drop, you’ll get a notification in Twitch. (Notifications are up top, between whispers and Prime Gaming Loot.) That’ll guide you to your Twitch inventory page, where you need to claim it. After that, it should show up in-game within 24 hours. Access it from the product inventory next to your mail, and don’t forget the little people when you’re flying past them on your shining skyglider.

Source: PC Gamer

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