Lost Ark Releases Mystics and Mayhem, New Fall Event

Lost Ark’s major October update introduces a new legion raid, guardian raid, abyss raid, the Aldebaran Harvest Festival, and more.

Lost Ark‘s major October update has arrived, introducing a series of challenging new endgame instances including an Inferno difficulty Legion Raid, a guardian raid, and a limited-time Abyss Raid event. Lost Ark players can also participate in fall festivities thanks to the new Aldebaran Harvest Festival where special rewards can be earned through quests for the season.

Amazon Games’ second attempt at breaking into the MMORPG market has been notably more successful than its prior difficult launch of New World, with Lost Ark picking up a sizeable population of players and remaining high in the Steam charts months later. Originally released in Korea in 2019, Amazon brought Lost Ark to Western audiences earlier this year and the game has been steadily moving toward parity with the original release by adding new raids, classes, and other content already featured in the Korean version. Lost Ark usually releases a major update every month for this purpose, along with a variety of limited-time seasonal events celebrating various holidays.


Lost Ark‘s Mystics and Mayhem update has just gone live and is focused on bringing particularly challenging content for high-level players. First up is the Mystic Abyss Raid Event, a limited-time challenge where players will progress through three gates before finally earning event tokens for successful completion. Event tokens can then be spent at the Exchange NPC in cities for various rewards and items. The limited-time event can be attempted from October 26 until November 16.

The latest in Lost Ark‘s Inferno Difficulty Legion Raids is the Vykas Legion Raid for Item level 1460 players. Inferno difficulty is all about the challenge and bragging rights rather than items and gear, so the raid rewards titles, achievements, and stronghold structures instead. Similar to the Mystic raid, the Scale of Balance will be in effect along with the Book of Coordination, which normalizes the player’s gear. The new Achates Trial Guardian raid follows this scaling trend, scaling players with the Book of Coordination and rewarding a Legendary Title on completion.

Following up after Lost Ark‘s earlier Arktoberfest event, the Aldebaran Harvest Festival celebrates the fall season on the Mokomoko Night Market Island where players can undertake a short one-time quest that opens up a series of daily quests. Players can earn tokens to create gift sets, which are then used to buy items like Card Packs, Honing Support Selection Chests, and others. The event will run until December 7

Lost Ark is available on PC.

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