Lords Mobile teams up with YouTube star to celebrate a new in-game event

Lords Mobile, the popular free-to-play mobile game has teamed up with equally popular singer songwriter Madilyn Bailey for a brand-new theme song to kick off an in-game event. Check out the official video for it above, and read on for more details. 

Lords Mobile combines RPG and RTS elements for multi-mode, MMO gameplay, the most popular of which are its PVP battles where players build up their own army and base to take on their enemies, claim their resources, and capture their leaders. Since 2016 Lords Mobile has been a top mobile game, offering a fantasy MMO world that hundreds of millions of people have become entrenched in. 

Madilyn Bailey is a popular singer songwriter and YouTuber who rose to fame for covering popular songs like Sia’s ‘Titanium.’ After getting over 100 million YouTube views, she signed a record deal, toured the US and Canada, and continued growing her career. She competed on America’s Got Talent this year, performing an original song composed of hateful comments she’s gotten on social media. She made it to the semi-finals. 

It’s no surprise then, that Madilyn Bailey and Lords Mobile have teamed up for a brand-new theme song called ‘Crown.’ With lyrics like “I was built for pressure/I feel so much better/When the war is raging on/That’s how you reign forever,” it’s clear that ‘Crown’ is the perfect theme song for Lords Mobile. The catchy beat tells of the struggle of gaining that elusive crown, and how many will attempt to carry it but will fail. Will you succeed?

Last year, Lords Mobile teamed up with another YouTube star, Kurt Hugo Schneider, for a catchy tune to coincide with its Ultimate Guild event. During the event, guild leaders attempted to break into the top 100 guilds in the world with grand prizes including avatars, a real-life trophy, and free Royal Packs.

This year, Madilyn Bailey and her new song ‘Crown’ are ushering in a new event: Leading Lords. Leading Lords will run from December 16 to December 31, during which prizes will be awarded in multiple categories. Special prize categories include Supportive Friend, which goes to a level 25 layer with the most helps, or the one how has obtained the most Guild Coins from help; Strongest Guild, which is awarded to the guild with the highest might as of December 14; and Strongest Annihilator, an honor bestowed to the player with the highest number of kills. 

Leading Lords will also allow players to cheer on the Lords Mobile’s leading lords and help improve their rankings. In order to participate in the Cheer Event, you’ll need to complete three tasks (Spend energy, Speed Ups, and Holy Stars) in order to make purchases to get points. You’ll unlock a reward if you reach a certain amount of pints. There are 20 reward levels, and players can spend gems in order to reach a higher reward tier. Each event reward will have some in-game rewards and will also give players cheers, which can be used to cheer on the competing Leading Lords. 

Source: PC Gamer

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