Looking for a modern update on the classic gaming chair design? GT Omega’s Zephyr would like a word

Slowly but surely, our seating requirements for PC gaming have evolved from ‘literally whatever seating surface is available’ to ‘purpose-built adjustable chair whose colour matches the room’s aesthetic’. What a journey it’s been. We don’t regret those early noughties sessions hunched over Age of Empires II on a piano stool, but it’s definitely for the best that we’re not still gaming that way. 

Scottish specialist GT Omega’s (opens in new tab) been there from the start of that journey, starting up in 2009 and drawing inspiration from motorsport to serve the sim racing community, whose needs have always been a bit more specific than most. Try completing a race in F1 22 at full race distance with a force feedback wheel at 100% strength throwing you to and fro, and you’ll understand. 

GT Omega’s seats grew to cater for the whole gaming community, not just the sim racers. But its modern offerings have retained some of the sleek lines and bucket seat shape from motor racing. And in its latest seat, the Zephyr (opens in new tab), it’s demonstrating a modern evolution of the classic gaming chair. 

Most strikingly, the chair’s wrapped in a soft fabric finish, and comes in a choice of six colours, ranging from a stealthy blackout version to a bold turquoise and a dusty pink. Streaming has changed the game for PC peripherals and furniture and turned us all into discerning aesthetes to deliberate on the exact pantone shades of our RGB. It matters what our sacred play space looks like, so having a choice of colours for the throne we sit on in there really does matter.

The black velour detailing really brings out the colours of the Zephyr, making it ready for a streaming setup or simply an aesthetically considered gaming space.

It’s an exceptionally well-padded model. Under all that super-soft fabric, dense cold-cure foam adapts to your body shape and offers strong support. The included adjustable memory foam lumbar cushion compresses to provide catered support, matching the natural curve of your back to keep you comfortable for long hours of work or play. Worried this gaming chair won’t hold up? Fear not, the Zephyr’s rated up to 150kg of bodyweight, making it ideal for larger users. That philosophy extends to the dimensions, too, with a 56cm width across the shoulder area of the back support, and a generous  62cm seat width. The steel tubing that forms the skeleton of the chair is 2mm thick too, thicker than the industry standard. 

Anyone who plays in a hot climate, or a smaller room where the heat from a chugging PC can really build up over time, will appreciate that the construction materials used throughout the Zephyr are breathable as well as supportive. It’s clear a lot of thought and experience has been poured into the design here, and it arrives at a time when we’re giving a lot more thought to our gaming spaces. For a lot of us, they double up as home offices. We spent large periods here, so it makes more sense than ever to really consider what we’re sitting on. 

The Zephyr is available now, priced at £349.95 in the UK, $449.95 in the US,  €419.95 in the EU, $599.95 in Canada and Australia. For more info on the Zephyrus, including details on free worldwide shipping and interest-free payment options for US and UK customers, head over to the GT Omega Zephyr official product page (opens in new tab). Follow GT Omega on its social channels for updates and news:

Source: PC Gamer

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