Logan Paul Reveals How Much Money Floyd Mayweather Still Owes Him From Boxing Match

YouTuber Logan Paul has built a career on controversy, first through his YouTube channel and more recently through his boxing career. It seems like there’s constantly some kind of controversial event going on with Paul at its center. It’s no different now, as a lingering controversy stemming from Paul’s biggest boxing match, his fight with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, continues to develop. Logan alleges that he’s still owed money from the Mayweather fight, and he’s now willing to share just how much.


This past week Paul was part of Andrew Schulz’s podcast Flagrant, during which he discussed his threats to sue Floyd Mayweather for what he believes to be owed pay for their 2021 exhibition match. Paul has alleged that Mayweather owes him a significant amount, something Mayweather has appeared to acknowledge in the past by saying that it “takes a while” to pay boxers after matches.

While Paul has yet to decide whether to actually sue Mayweather or not, he’s certainly willing to escalate the war or words. Logan Paul first calls out Mayweather as a “punch drunk idiot” and then mocks the boxer for a longstanding rumor that he can’t read. “Floyd never paid me for our fight. Who am I, the IRS? You can’t dodge taxes like you do punches,” Paul went on. Needless to say, Paul is still unhappy about the situation, but it remains unclear what the next step is.

Paul then shares a number for what he believes Mayweather owes him, something that he hasn’t shared before. According to Paul, Mayweather owes him nearly $5 million. An exact number isn’t provided, but neither is an explanation for why Mayweather owes him so much money. If it was simply an agreed-upon number, it would likely have been a cut-and-dry legal case. If it was tied to PPV buys or more complicated totals then that may explain why the two are at an impasse.

The other possibility is that Logan Paul is working the marks, a professional wrestling term for acting out a conflict to build up the perception of conflict. The idea is to make the audience believe the fight is real, which builds attention surrounding the conflict. The bigger the conflict, the more the audience wants a fight between the two. The more the audience wants a fight, the more they’ll pay to see it.

Mayweather has previously said that Paul wants a rematch. Given the fight sold over a million PPV buys, it wouldn’t be surprising if both would like a rematch. For the time being, though, Paul‘s focus in the public eye is to make clear he believes Mayweather owes him millions of dollars, and he’s going to continue insulting the legendary boxer until he gets what he wants.

Source: Bleacher Report

Source: Gamerant

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