Logan Paul Makes Game Boy Color Tabletop With Epoxy Resin and Metal Pokemon Frame

Celebrity Logan Paul starts controversy on social media again after deciding to make a DIY tabletop by coating 15 Game Boy Colors in resin.

Over the years, Nintendo has released numerous handheld consoles for gamers to take on the go. From the two screens of the Nintendo DS to the classic Game Boy, there is no shortage of Nintendo portable systems to talk about. Among these different handhelds was the Game Boy Color which, as the name suggests, brought color to the formerly monochromatic screen of the Game Boy. Recently, internet celebrity Logan Paul managed to get his hands on 15 of these classic handhelds.


Rising to stardom in 2013, Logan Paul has managed to grow an incredible following on social media and YouTube. Currently, he has over 6.2 million followers on Twitter and a staggering 23.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. With such a massive fanbase, anything Paul does creates quite a stir. So naturally, when he decided to make an art project out of 15 Game Boy Colors, people noticed.

In a tweet from December 26, Paul shared a video of a recent do-it-yourself project he had worked on. This project involved using epoxy resin to make a tabletop containing 15 Game Boy Color systems. In the clip, Paul detailed the process of making the artwork. First, he coated each of the Nintendo handhelds in resin. After completing this step, Paul placed them in three rows inside the tabletop and proceeded to fill in the gaps with even more resin. He then placed a metal Pokemon frame around the perimeter to finish the design.

This new creation from Paul caught the attention of numerous fans on social media. With over 2.3 million views in only a day, many commented on the project. Unfortunately for the celebrity, not everyone was happy about his resin artwork. In fact, many were upset that 15 Game Boy Colors were ruined in the making of the tabletop. While some pointed out that the portable systems could have already been broken, others noted that the handhelds looked in pristine condition with no signs of wear or tear. In addition, fans argued that the star could have found another way to display the Game Boy Colors without causing damage to the hardware.

Despite these negative comments from many people on social media, some jumped to the defense of Paul. Some people argued that he had the right to do what he wanted with the consoles since he had purchased them, while others noted that there were only 15 of them used in the build. Furthermore, some fans simply thought that the design of the tabletop looked nice.

This isn’t the only news regarding Logan Paul and Nintendo. Besides this Game Boy Color tabletop, he recently gave several fans an unexpected Christmas gift. During an episode of his podcast, he announced that he was giving away 36 unopened packs of expensive Pokemon cards to lucky fans.

Source: Gamerant

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