Logan Paul is Suing Floyd Mayweather for Millions of Dollars

It appears that Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will go another round against each other, but this time it may not take place inside a boxing ring.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and YouTube celebrity Logan Paul once fought in an exhibition boxing match, in front of a packed crowd at Hard Rock Stadium, in Miami Gardens, Florida. Despite the fight selling over one million purchases by pay-per-view sales, the skeptics grew weary of the fact that the fight between Mayweather Jr. and Paul had no rules or judges.

The fight took place regardless, and to nobody’s surprise, no real winner was crowned, and neither participant in the bout earned any semblance of a knock-out. Less than one year later, Mayweather Jr. and the YouTube star could go head-to-head once again, only this time it could take place inside a courtroom instead of a boxing ring.


While making an appearance at the Hard Rock Hotel in New York, Paul was asked about the Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez’s loss to Dmitry Bivol after entering into the fight with a 57-1-2 record. Paul states that “it sucks” for Canelo to take the loss and admits it’s a notably-small stain on an otherwise phenomenal boxing career. Attention then changed gears towards Paul’s fight less than one year ago with Mayweather Jr., and he was asked about his payment and if he received it in full. Reports indicate that post-fight, Mayweather Jr. himself made $100 million from the fight. Paul admits that he has still not received his promised amount of the cut and showed signs of frustration at the statement.

“We’re taking him to court,” Paul said, and he made it crystal clear earlier that he was “completely serious” with his statement. Estimations indicate that Paul made around $10 million from the fight, a drop in the bucket compared to Mayweather Jr.’s cut, but a significant amount nonetheless. While the Pokemon card Paul wore around his neck during his entrance is worth more than $150 million for a mint-condition format, he’s more concerned about Mayweather Jr. being a man of his word. Paul was vocal in making sure his entire amount was paid and even mockingly stated that Mayweather Jr. was going to prison for his injustice.

The two fought on June 6, 2021, to a no-contest ruling. With no judges calling the action and no rules to determine a score, the exhibition match went as planned and resulted in neither men earning a knockdown nor a win. While neither of the men had their arm raised after the bout, Paul going the distance earned him a notable reputation, while Mayweather Jr.’s cash-out made it clear neither of them lost. Paul has since gone on to send out a challenge to professional boxer Tyson Fury and made appearances on World Wrestling Entertainment programming, specifically at WrestleMania 38.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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