Level 1 God of War Ragnarok Player Beats Gna on Highest Difficulty With Only a Shield and Arrows

A God of War Ragnarok player defeats Gna using only a shield, fists, and arrows at level one on Give Me God of War difficulty.

A God of War Ragnarok player beats Gna at level 1 using only the shield, punches, and arrows on the highest difficulty level. God of War Ragnarok marks the end of the Norse saga of this franchise, and its main story takes Kratos and Atreus across the nine realms in their fight against Thor and Odin.

Aside from the main quest, God of War Ragnarok has a ton of optional side content that will keep players busy long after they have seen the credits. It comes with several optional bosses as well as one giant area solely for end-game content. God of War featured an incredibly difficult fight against Sigrun, and Ragnarok continues this trend with a challenging battle against Gna. Despite its difficulty, one fan has somehow managed to beat Gna at level 1 using only punches and arrows in addition to the shield.


A Reddit user named Thousand_PunchesMan has shared a video of them defeating Gna without using any weapons aside from the shield, with punches and arrows being the other sources of damage. The player has accomplished this at level 1 and has beaten the endgame boss without taking any damage. The video gets even more impressive as the poster captured this footage on Give Me God of War, the highest difficulty level in Ragnarok. Furthermore, they haven’t used any relics or runic attacks, and haven’t taken advantage of Kratos’ rage abilities.

Thousand_PunchesMan claims it to be the world’s first true level 1 victory over Gna in God of War Ragnarok with all of these conditions in place. This video lasts 15 minutes, and it starts with Gna having around a third of her health remaining, but fans can find a link to the full fight in one of the comments. After the grueling battle, Thousand_PunchesMan opens the menu to show that they were indeed fighting at level one on Give Me God of War as proof of their accomplishment.

While most users congratulate the player on achieving this feat, one fan mentions that defeating an endgame boss with fits at level 1 is equivalent to someone breaking Obsidian with bare hands in Minecraft. One user jokingly states that this is the direct result of not having any DLC for God of War Ragnarok, as there is nothing left to do in the game after beating all the content. Another gamer wants Thousand_PunchesMan to try beating Gna without arrows next time, but fans overall appear impressed with the skills on display.

God of War Ragnarok is available now for PS4 and PS5.

Source: Gamerant

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