LEGO Master Builder Creates Fridge With Working Ice Dispenser

A LEGO Master Builder shows off an impressive design and build they made of a refrigerator with an ice dispenser that actually works.

A LEGO Master Builder has recently shown off the impressive microscale model of a refrigerator with a working ice dispenser machine that they had been working on. Somewhat stocked with food supplies recreated also with LEGO pieces, the Master Builder’s fridge model likely serves as a great inspiration for the franchise’s creative fans who like to design and build LEGO sets of their own.

Over the years, many LEGO fans have designed and built sets inspired by their favorite fandoms. Some use actual LEGO bricks, making physical dioramas that they can display in their home spaces, while others enjoy using software to create virtual worlds. One fan even recreated parts of the Pokemon universe’s Kanto region with LEGO bricks through their chosen program. However, there is still likely something very impressive for the LEGO community to see an official LEGO Master Builder produce a detailed model that actually performs some of its real-world functions.


Featured in a video in the Beyond the Brick TikTok channel, LEGO Master Builder Alec gives the platform’s audience an overview of the refrigerator model they designed and built. In the video, Alec showcases the build’s different features which include doors that swing open, produce and freezer drawers that can be pulled out, and even custom LEGO mini figures that represent food. In the middle of the video, the artist shares their favorite feature which is the working ice dispenser machine. They demonstrated how it dispenses LEGO pieces as ice with the touch of a button, scattering them all over the floor.

The artist also showed off the custom LEGO microscale figures of condiments they placed on the fridge’s side shelves, pointing out that this was something they really enjoyed making. According to the artist, the fridge model took around 16 hours to design then build, and they said that around eight hours was spent trying to figure out how to make the ice dispenser function like it did in the video. As of writing, the TikTok video has garnered over 5.7 million views with over 805,000 likes on the channel.

Master Builder Alec also has their own TikTok channel with over 1.7 million followers, so this is likely not the last time that fans will see their work as a LEGO Master Builder. With so many fun LEGO builds featured on their channel, the franchise’s community will have a lot of Alec’s content to scroll through while they wait for the next interesting model they come up with.

Source: Gamerant

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