Leaker Suggests Rockstar Games Has ‘New Project’ to Reveal Soon

A new rumor making the rounds online suggests that Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games may have a new project to reveal soon.

Rockstar Games is a juggernaut in the video game industry, having produced some of the most innovative, influential, and highest-earning games ever made. Rockstar Games has a reputation for putting out high quality, landmark releases, and so it’s always exciting to see what it’s working on. At the time of this writing, Rockstar Games is still producing new content for Grand Theft Auto Online, and it is busy at work on Grand Theft Auto 6.

Rockstar Games finally confirmed that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development after years of speculation. But besides confirming that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development and that it is working with Remedy to remake Max Payne, Rockstar Games has otherwise been quiet about its future projects. That may change in the relatively near future, however, if a leaker known for having inside information on Rockstar Games is to be believed.


Insider Chris Klippel recently took to Twitter to suggest that Rockstar Games has an announcement in the works, though they apparently don’t know what it is or when the announcement will take place. However, Klippel believes that the announcement “can happen relatively quickly” and that it would be for “a new project.” It was also teased that the project may not be related to the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. Please note that these comments are based on Google Translate, so they may not be 100% accurate.

Twitter user GeraltSkywalker replied to Klippel’s tweet, saying, “Too early to announce GTA 6, and it’s the only game in production we know,” to which Klippel responded, “Only game in production?!” This could be taken as a hint that Rockstar Games has more in the works besides Grand Theft Auto 6 and that it plans on revealing it in the relatively near future, though what that project could be is anyone’s guess.

One possibility is that Rockstar will reveal the long-rumored Red Dead Redemption remaster. According to various reports, Rockstar Games is working on a remake of the original Red Dead Redemption, in addition to a next-gen upgrade for Red Dead Redemption 2. This would make sense, especially since Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two has been open about its desire to produce more remasters/remakes, but fans should wait for an official announcement before getting too excited.

A long-shot possibility is that this is in reference to a Bully sequel, which has been rumored for many years now as well. However, Klippel himself previously shot down rumors of a Bully sequel being in the works, so fans shouldn’t hold their breath. Ultimately, it’s best to take a wait and see approach and wait for Rockstar Games itself to reveal its next project.

Source: Gamerant

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