Leaker is ‘Confident’ About Something Happening With the Bully Franchise

Few cult classic games have the reputation that the Bully franchise does. Released all the way back in 2006, Bully isn’t the most highly regarded Rockstar game out there, but it certainly has a large following. Rumors that Bully could return, either in the form of a remake or a new entry, have swirled for years, but nothing tangible has been produced. However, a reliable leaker is confident that may change.

Tom Henderson, who frequently leaks credible information about games, recently said on Twitter that he is “confident” about “something happening with the Bully franchise.” Henderson went on to state that he was told that the new Bully project is Bully 2, though there’s a bit of conflicting information to take into account here. Other leakers have indicated that the truth is a bit foggier, and that it may just be a definitive edition or remake of the original.


There’s a lot to unpack, and Henderson himself admitted that the details are “sketchy.” That being said, there’s a decent bit circulating about why the details aren’t crystal clear. One rumor states that many journalists have signed NDAs regarding a demo, which would explain why so little information is circulating. Others raise doubt of whether or not a project is really in the works at all.

Chris Klippel, the founder of Rockstar Mag, stated that no Bully game was in development with Rockstar RAGE, the company’s proprietary game engine. According to Klippel, that indicates that no direct sequel is in development, though there could still be some other type of project in development, like a definitive edition or remaster. Klippel specifically put forward the possibility of an Unreal Engine 4 Definitive Edition from Rockstar Dundee, but also stated that there was “a lot of confusion now,” going on to say he was afraid people will be disappointed.

Henderson replied to Klippel’s response thread, which raised the point of the long stretches of time Rockstar games get between their initial press demos and their release, stating that it made no sense for Rockstar to announce a new Bully project off of the rocky reception of Grand Theft Auto Trilogy – Definitive Edition. If the new Bully project is a similar remaster, it could be poorly received.

If there is a new B​​​​​​ully game in the works, it may be some time until fans get to see it. It’s not unlike Rockstar to wait for the best possible time to announce a new game, so it may take a bit for the climate to correct following its recent controversies.

A new Bully project is rumored to be in development.

Source: Gamerant

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