Leak Shows Terrifying New Dead By Daylight Killer, The Dredge

Dead by Daylight is close to celebrating its sixth anniversary, and a recent leak shows what the game’s next horrifying monster could be.

Dead by Daylight has been a fairly consistent mainstay in the horror genre since it launched in 2016, especially among the streaming community. With Behaviour Interactive preparing celebrations for the sixth anniversary of Dead By Daylight, which is likely to come with some items and cosmetics for the game, many fans will be curious to see what the studio comes up with next. As it happens, there’s been some information leaked about the next Killer, and it looks to be a pretty terrifying creature.


In a recent post on the Dead by Daylight subreddit, user TimeLordAlexx uploaded a number of images from what is likely to be part of the next major update. Chief among the uploads is an image of what is possibly the next villain of the game. Referred to as The Dredge, this beast can only be described as some horrific monster, with a terrifying looking mouth, and an overall creepy design. It could be one of the scariest Killers the game has had so far.

One user in the comments said it reminded them of one of the monsters from the heart stoppingly influential horror game Amnesia: The Dark Descent. It definitely has an unsettling “otherwordly” look about it. The post also displays some of The Dredge’s abilities, such as teleporting into lockers. If the Killer is inside a locker, survivors can lock them to temporarily slow it down, but The Dredge will be able to break its way out. The leak also makes mention of how the creature will be “difficult to shake” and will be next to “impossible” to outrun once night falls.

As this is a leak, it cannot be said that this is officially what will be coming to the game, but fans probably won’t have to wait long to find out anyway. As one of the best multiplayer horror games out there, Dead By Daylight continues to be a popular entry in the genre, tasking gamers with surviving and escaping as another player takes control of one of the many monsters and murderers the studio has been adding over the years.

Given that Dead by Daylight also features monsters from horror movie franchises, such as Pinhead from the Hellraiser films, it’s not too surprising that it’s remained popular all this time. If The Dredge does get implemented, it might even up the fear factor for many players as this terrifying beast wreaks havoc on the survivors with its creepy look and teleporting ways.

Dead by Daylight is available now on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit, PCGamesN

Source: Gamerant

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