Leak Provides Update on Potential Metal Gear Solid Remake Reveal

A new update regarding the rumored development of a Metal Gear Solid remake provides a window for when it could be announced.

The latest update from a leak claiming that a Metal Gear Solid remake is currently in development has provided a window for when the game could be announced. Konami has already confirmed that it’s now in the business of licensing its biggest game properties to partner studios, with the announcement of several major Silent Hill projects. According to this leak, Metal Gear Solid could be the next Konami announcement, and the reveal could be surprisingly soon.

Metal Gear Solid is historically Konami’s biggest franchise next to its Pro Evolution Soccer series, yet it’s been heavily tied to the artistry of series creator Hideo Kojima for decades. With Kojima now independent, Metal Gear Solid has been left to languish. Konami may be ready to bring Metal Gear Solid back into the fold, however. A recent rumor claimed that a Metal Gear Solid remake has been in development for years, made exclusively for the PS5.


Now an update to the leak has been shared by Spanish website Areajugones. In the update, it’s said that the source of the leak claims that the reveal of the Metal Gear Solid remake will be coming soon. Specifically, the announcement will be done before May 2023. In other words, it’s likely to come in the first quarter of 2023, somewhere in January, February, March, or April. The announcement would then fall in Konami’s current fiscal year.

No further details were provided regarding the rumored Metal Gear Solid project or when it will be revealed. However, if it’s true that the Metal Gear Solid remake is being developed as a PlayStation 5 exclusive, it seems likely to be showcased during a PlayStation event. PlayStation has held a State of Play event in February the past two years. Fans of Metal Gear Solid may want to listen out for a PlayStation State of Play event announcement coming soon.

To be clear, this leak should be considered a rumor due to a lack of official information and corroborating reports. While Areajugones has shared some accurate leaks before, including PlayStation-relates leaks, there’s no guarantee this leak will also be accurate. If a Metal Gear Solid announcement is coming soon, then fans won’t have to wait long for it to be made official.

It makes perfect sense for Konami to bring back Metal Gear Solid by revisiting such a classic game in the franchise. It’s also a safer bet than jumping straight into a sequel, since public reaction to a non-Kojima Metal Gear Solid game would be hard to predict. If Konami and its partners can make a Metal Gear Solid akin to the remake of Demon’s Souls, it would be a great way to start a new era for the franchise.

Metal Gear Solid is rumored to be in development for the PS5.

Source: Areajugones

Source: Gamerant

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