League of Legends: Janna’s Mini-rework Changes Revealed

League of Legends champion Janna will receive heavy adjustments in the upcoming patch 12.1 which will be the first patch of the new season.

League of Legends Gameplay Designer Riot August has revealed the upcoming changes for one of the most popular supports in the game. The new patch will also feature another set of Preseason adjustments.

Preseason has brought many sizable changes to League of Legends, including two new dragons and numerous items. Last year’s Preseason brought the controversial Item Overhaul and it seems as though Riot Games is not finished with its item adjustments.


Champion reworks are pretty common in the world of League of Legends. Janna has been struggling to find her place in the game’s meta for a long time and it seems as though Riot decided to give her a set of interesting adjustments. One of the League of Legends game designers has revealed Janna’s mini-rework changes:

  • Movement speed will go up from 315 to 330
  • Attack Damage will get increased from 46 (+1.5 per level) to 52 (+3 per level)
  • Janna’s attack range will go down from 550 to 500 units
  • Tailwind (Q) – Minimal range will get increased from 1000 to 1100 units; Maximum range will go from 1750 to 1760; Damage will go up from 60-16 to 60-180
  • Janna’s attack range will go down from 550 to 500 units
  • Howling Gale (W) – Range will go up from 550 to 650 units; slow duration will get increased from 2 to 3 seconds; passive movement speed will go up from 6-10% to 8-14%
  • Zephyr (E) – Cooldown will go down from 16-12 to 15-9 seconds; Time before shield decay will go up from 0.75 to 1.25 seconds

It’s safe to say that Janna got overshadowed by the more recently released champions like Yuumi. Yuumi’s popularity has skyrocketed over the last couple of weeks, all thanks to Worlds where she was either picked or banned. She currently holds the highest ban rate in the game with over 40%. She is definitely one of the most obnoxious League of Legends champions to play against. Once she gets a decent lead on the bot lane, the low counterplay she provides makes it almost impossible for the opposing team to come back into the game.

Janna has historically been one of the strongest League of Legends supports. She has to ability to provide constant protection for her AD carry but is also probably the best disengage support in the game. These changes are expected to arrive in patch 12.1 which will the first official patch for season 12.

League of Legends is available to play for free on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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