Kyedae Cuts Hair Short on Stream

After sharing her cancer diagnosis, Twitch streamer Kyedae Shymko recently cut her hair short live on stream. Kyedae has been open about her health situation and how she’s been dealing with it, but also asked people to not treat her differently because of her condition.

Earlier this month, Kyedae tweeted that she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), also known as a cancer of the blood and bone marrow, and received an outpouring of love from her followers, friends, and even Riot Games. She’s already getting chemotherapy for the disease, which she admitted has been difficult on her body despite looking energetic during streams.


In a recent Twitch stream, Kyedae expressed that she was tempted to cut her hair short before the chemo causes it to fall off. She also shared that her scalp was starting to hurt, but didn’t indicate whether it was because of the treatment or not. She then got a pair of scissors and started snipping off a handful of hair. After her sudden decision, Kyedae noticed how uneven her hair looked and said that she should’ve just shaved her head completely. For those who didn’t catch the stream, the Twitch clip was uploaded on YouTube by Jett Shorts.

Many of Kyedae’s viewers were probably just as shocked that she impulsively cut her hair on stream, but many also cheered her on since it could help lessen her stress. Fellow Twitch streamer Mizkif also popped in the chat to watch Kyedae cut her hair. The latter joked that she could donate her hair to make a wig to cover up Mizkif’s bald spot.

Some viewers might be worried about Kyedae having short hair or potentially losing all of her hair because of chemo, but she has shared before that she used to have a bowl cut as a kid. She also joked that she will be “Boydae” once she loses her long locks, so it’s quite obvious that she has a mostly positive attitude about having a drastically different hairstyle.

While Kyedae’s cheery disposition despite her cancer diagnosis may be admirable to many, it’s also understandable for people to feel concern for her, especially with how aggressive acute myeloid leukemia can be. More than ever, it’s also important for people to be kind and understanding when Kyedae isn’t feeling 100% on stream. Fortunately, she’s already learned how to ignore hate comments and cancer jokes thanks to Valorant trolls, but the reminder is still worth repeating.

Source: Gamerant

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