Kojima Productions Selling Merch With Proceeds Going to Ukraine

Since the war began, many have been reaching out to help Ukrainian victims, and a recent announcement shows that Kojima Productions is chipping in.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has been waging on for several months now, and it doesn’t seem as though the end is in sight. While the citizens affected by the conflict are the real victims, it has also affected the gaming industry. With the Stalker 2 developer seen fighting in Ukraine, the horrors of the war have not been lost on gamers and the surrounding community. Fortunately, many have stepped up to lend a hand where they can, and it looks as though Kojima Productions is the next to offer help.


In a recent post on Twitter, the Japanese studio has said it will provide support for Ukrainian victims who have fled the country to seek asylum in Japan. In particular, Kojima Productions has said that pre-orders of the “Ludens Peace Mark Unit,” a charm made from duralumin, is now available, with all proceeds going to help those who are fleeing Ukraine. The cost of the item, which is an anti-war symbol, is currently on sale for $40, with plans to ship the product this August. Many will see this is a marvelous, and fitting, way to make a contribution to those affected by the ongoing invasion.

It also makes sense, given Kojima’s resume. The Metal Gear Solid series actually does have an anti-war message, particularly when it comes to nuclear war, despite it being a franchise about conflict. Sure, many do find the plots of the games quite confusing, but Kojima has always given them a strong political lean. Fans of Kojima’s work will no doubt see the peaceful message within the game’s stories, so it does make sense that his production company would put out a piece of merchandise in which not only are the funds helping the victims of war, but contain an overt anti-war rhetoric.

Of course, the charm relates to Death Stranding rather than Metal Gear, but it’s still a sentiment tied in with Hideo Kojima’s past work. Speaking of the former, there is allegedly a Death Stranding sequel in development, which actor Norman Reedus let slip during an interview.

On top of that, Hideo Kojima recently announced an upcoming horror game, with some fans convinced that it’s related to the PT / Silent Hills project that Konami canceled back in 2015. In any case, Kojima Productions is moving forward with new projects that many fans will be excited about, and it is good to see the developer is taking a stance when it comes to the conflict that’s been waging on for months now.

Source: PC Gamer, Twitter

Source: Gamerant

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