Kojima Productions Confirms It Still Has a ‘Very Good’ Relationship With PlayStation

After hours of discussion by fans on social media, Kojima Productions confirms its relationship with PlayStation is in good standing.

Kojima Productions‘ recent announcement at Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase created a lot of discussion on social media. Earlier today, Kojima Productions acknowledged the situation on Twitter and issued a statement regarding one of its widely known partnerships.

Death Stranding is the latest project from Kojima Productions led by the prolific Hideo Kojima and originally published by PlayStation. Following the success of the PlayStation 4 release, a PC version would arrive and introduce even more players to the Death Stranding experience. Death Stranding: Director’s Cut later made its debut on PlayStation 5 and PC, remastered and enhanced for a next-gen environment. Eventually, rumors swirled around a potential Kojima Productions partnership with Microsoft as Kojima looks toward his next project to develop.


Following the announcement of the Microsoft partnership, Kojima Productions confirmed it still has a “very good” relationship with PlayStation through an official statement on Twitter. Many people asked Kojima Productions about its partnership with PlayStation going forward, which resulted in a statement being released. Kojima Productions looks forward to the continued support of fans as the company explores new opportunities and technologies.

One of the resources key to the development of Kojima Productions’ new project is Microsoft’s cloud gaming technology. Kojima explained that he’s waited a long time to develop a game like this with a “never before seen concept.” Xbox Game Studios and Kojima Productions will leverage this cloud technology for a new title “no one has ever experienced before.” Further details about the new Xbox game were not shared, but rumors point toward a potential title called Overdose starring Sarah Margaret Qualley. Qualley previously played the role of Mama and Locke in Death Stranding.

The statement is reassuring for PlayStation fans, but the announcement with Microsoft is a reminder that Kojima Productions is an independent studio. In other words, Kojima Productions is free to negotiate with other third-parties since it is not owned by PlayStation. Kojima Productions aims to deliver rich, unique gameplay experiences and Microsoft allows Kojima to pursue his next goal. Rumors suggest a Death Stranding sequel is in development, so PlayStation gamers may still have a new Kojima Productions title to look forward to.

Although some doubts and questions may be warranted, Kojima seems passionate about the Microsoft partnership. A developer like Kojima works best under these favorable conditions and strives to deliver a creation fans may enjoy for many years. Development of the new Xbox title is likely in an early stage. Those eager for more Xbox news from Kojima Productions may have to wait awhile.

Kojima Productions’ new Xbox game is currently in development.

Source: Gamerant

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