Known Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaker Hints at Fuecoco’s Final Evolution

Although the second trailer dropped not too long ago, fans are already eager for more Pokemon Scarlet and Violet news. If rumors of another Nintendo Direct next week prove to be true, then it’s possible fans get more this month. Otherwise, it seems likely that more news will come out sometime this summer.

There’s still a lot to be revealed about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, but perhaps the biggest question on many minds is about the final forms of the starters. Reliable rumors already paint Sprigatito as becoming a bipedal Grass/Dark-type, but the others are pure conjecture. Now, however, it seems that one known leaker is teasing what Fuecoco’s final form could look like.


For those unaware, Riddler Khu is perhaps the most reliable leaker in the Pokemon community—having been right numerous times about Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, and even Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Now, he’s posted an image “accepting bets” on Fuecoco’s body type, listing four possibilities: quadruped, a bipedal Dragonite-like form, a bipedal humanoid, and a snake.

He followed this tweet up by saying that the first was meh, the second was a no-brainer, the third was a “nope,” and the fourth was a meme. He then continued to say that the “final result is always inclined to be meh. Don’t read too much into this.” His follow-up tweet has led many followers to believe that Fuecoco will either become a quadruped—as Khu calls it meh and says that the final result is always inclined to be meh—and some to believe it will be the second, Dragonite-like form because Khu called it a no brainer. If Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Fuecoco is based on a cucafera, both make sense, but the first seems more likely.

It’s hard to say for sure which he is teasing as legit, but it does narrow down some Fuecoco fan theories. Many believed that Fuecoco would become a fire snake in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to follow the zodiac pattern, which isn’t too much of a stretch. Snivy changed body forms in its evolution. But Khu seems to say this is just a meme here, and while Sprigatito is becoming a more humanoid bipedal Pokemon in all likelihood, Fuecoco is not.

Either way, this is good news for fans. Many were curious about what form Fuecoco’s final evolution would take, and having it narrowed down to two options helps fans imagine what it could look like. It’s probably not going to be revealed any time soon, but if fans are lucky, perhaps the next Pokemon Scarlet and Violet trailer will reveal the starter’s second forms. Only time will tell, though.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet release on November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Riddler Khu

Source: Gamerant

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