Known Pokemon Leaker Hints at New Regional Forms for Legendaries

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are still months away from launch. That leaves fans stuck waiting for Game Freak’s traditional trickle of announcements. It’s no surprise that during these periods of silence, leaks fill the void. It’s rare for these leaks to be reliable, however, as the Pokemon franchise has always been flooded with impressive fakes. When a reliable leaker speaks, however, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fans listen. Especially when it’s potentially about Legendary Pokemon.


Twitter user Riddler_Khu is well known for their reliable Pokemon leaks shared in the form of cryptic messages, clues, or outright riddles. Their latest message to the Pokemon community is no different. In fact, while it’s implied, it isn’t certain that it’s even about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Regardless, the message from Khu reads, “Guys, getting tired of countless fake ****s? Lets play some riddle games. It’s a continuation for last month.” Khu is seemingly referring to fake leaks surrounding Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as well as a clue he shared recently that has yet to be solved.

Following his message, Khu shared three images. They aren’t full images but rather small pieces of what looks to be Pokemon. Mindful Pokemon fans believe the pieces all come from different Legendary Pokemon. Specifically, they come from Lugia, Kyogre, and Groudon, or more specifically, their wing, fin, and claw. Needless to say, there’s no clear intention for Khu sharing these three images, and Pokemon fans are left theorizing about what the notorious Pokemon riddle-master is trying to convey.

To say that there are leading theories would be grossly incorrect, given how ambiguous Khu’s riddle is so far. But if there were leading theories, they’re leaps in logic to arrive at potential features or additions for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. For example, one increasingly popular theory is that the hints are for regional variants of Legendary Pokemon. Another theory believes the hints point to an appearance by Zekrom, the Legendary for Pokemon White.

If there’s one theory that seems to be universal, however, it’s that Khu is really milking whatever news it is he’s working toward leaking. The clues are just too ambiguous to come to any fair conclusion at this point, leaving many Pokemon fans flustered. They’re just excited for Pokemon, after all.

Regardless, perhaps there are some Pokemon fans out there who are able to see through Khu’s cryptic clues and now know exactly what Game Freak has in store in Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. It can’t be worse than the fake Pokemon leaks, at least.

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet release in late 2022 on Switch.

Source: Twitter/Riddler_Khu

Source: Gamerant

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