KFC in China is Giving Away an Adorable Dancing Psyduck Toy

Pokemon is loved and celebrated all over the world, but there are often giveaways and purchases that can only be made in one region. This is most common when Japan has limited Pokemon engagements like a Pokemon cafe, but sometimes other areas have special offerings, too.

Such is the case right now in China, where a dancing Psyduck toy is making waves and taking over the internet. The Psyduck is being given away with KFC purchases, and it seems fans can’t get enough of the headachey Pokemon.


In China, KFC is currently giving away a series of Pokemon toys with a purchase. More often than not, it’s Pikachu that gets the most attention, but in this case, Pikachu has been overshadowed by Psyduck. The toy is showing up on social media, where Psyduck can be seen dancing around, bobbing up and down and waving its little arms about. Some fans are even attaching notes to Psyduck’s arms so that it looks like he’s waving signs around.

Unfortunately for fans elsewhere in the world, at this time, this Psyduck toy can’t be acquired anywhere but KFC in China. It’s not the easiest thing to get it there, either, as it’s apparently selling out quickly. The Psyducks are already available on the reseller market, but as one might expect, they’re not cheap. A pair of listings currently on eBay for the KFC Dancing Psyduck toys are starting at about $100 USD.

Although Psyduck isn’t a particularly strong choice in most Pokemon battles, strength and power doesn’t always have an impact on a Pokemon’s overall popularity. Junichi Masuda, one of the creators of the original Pokemon games, has made it clear that Psyduck is his all-time favorite, even taking on difficult challenge battles with Psyduck. Psyduck’s anime stories as Cerulean City Gym Leader Misty’s companion have also helped to propel the water Pokemon’s popularity, as his headache-laden antics would often end up revealing the panicked duck’s surprisingly powerful psychic powers.

While there are now nearly a thousand Pokemon that have appeared in the games, Gen 1 Pokemon like Psyduck continue to see lasting popularity among fans. The duck has recently appeared in games like New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Legends Arceus, with a starring role in Detective Pikachu, and even in charming Pokemon baking videos. With a little luck, the dancing Psyduck toy will come to additional areas, either for outright purchase or through a partnership between Pokemon and KFC locations outside of China.

Source: Gamerant

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