It’s Possible to Play Doom on a LEGO Brick

Since the Doom source code became available, many have attempted to port the game in numerous and weird ways, which includes on LEGO bricks.

To say that the original Doom had a significant impact on the early days of the FPS genre would be to undersell the game’s influence. The series continues just as strong to this day, and with id Software currently working on an unnamed project, many will be wondering whether the classic shooter will be making yet another return. In the meantime, fans continue to look around and see what weird and wonderful devices can run the 30-year-old title, and sometimes people turn to other franchises entirely for such endeavors.


As spotted by PCGamesN, Twitter user James Brown has managed to take a small piece of LEGO, and turn it into something that can display Doom. The tweet says that they were able to take one of the plastic bricks and wire it up to make a very small monitor for the game to run on. An attached video does indeed show a very low resolution version of the game being displayed on the tiny screen. It’s quite hard to make out the visuals, but the game’s sounds as the player shoots at zombies and imps is unmistakable.

This could well be one of the tiniest devices that has managed to get Doom to run on it. It should be pointed out that it’s unlikely that the LEGO brick itself is running the game itself, and that the “monitor” that’s been wired up by the user is just displaying the game that’s being played elsewhere. LEGO is one of the world’s most popular toys, with around 400 billion bricks having been produced, but it’s also spawned dozens of video game adaptations. Given this, it was only a matter of time before someone took a piece of the famous Danish toy and made it a home for the Doom Slayer.

The variety of machines and devices that fans have managed to get id’s classic FPS running on is quite exceptional. Recently, one user was able to get Doom running on an old Canon scanner. There have also been instances in which the game had been ported to an old NES console, an Apple Watch, a thermostat, and even to another game entirely, by having The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind run Doom. It really goes to show just how versatile the three-decade old release is, but it also shows how far technology has come that this game can be played on devices not initially designed to run it.

As one of the best isekai games out there, which is a game in which the protagonist is transported to another world, Doom‘s legacy is still continuing to this day with the success of the 2016 reboot and Doom Eternal. It will be interesting to see what other interesting ways players can port the original title.

Source: PCGamesN

Source: Gamerant

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