IRL Twitch Streamer Gets Phone Stolen During Livestream

A Twitch IRL livestreamer is caught off guard while streaming their exploration of Naples, Italy as their phone is stolen from her hands.

IRL Twitch streamers are occasionally subject to unfortunate timing, intruding strangers, and barely evading accidents while they capture content out in the world. One IRL Twitch streamer recently encountered a phone thief while exploring the narrow streets of Naples in Italy.

Popular Twitch streamer Elina, who’s from Sweden, held an IRL livestream in Italy yesterday in which she’s exploring Naples in a residential area that has some businesses on the street level. Like other livestreamers who have been accosted on the train or hit by a car in front of their Twitch audience, an unexpected event occurs that drastically alters the stream in a moment. While talking about potential safety risks, Elina’s livestream becomes evidence of a crime as someone on a moped grabs the phone from her hands and drives off with it.


The IRL Twitch clip showing Elina losing her phone begins with the livestreamer looking to her side under an umbrella before saying “this looks cool” and turning her phone camera to face a tight ally. Elina then eerily suggests that she thinks she’ll die if she goes down the road showing a fellow pedestrian in a poncho carrying a bag in their right hand. “The roads are so long, it’s insane,” says Elina while turning the camera to face the main street ahead of her, “if I were to die on stream, I think that would be good content.”

As she neared a small store with lanterns blowing in the wind outside, Elina’s phone was stolen by a motorist that continued streaming briefly as they escaped with the device. The conclusion of the video shows the narrow road Elina was worried about going down which may show she was right to worry about her safety going that direction. After showing the route they were going, the robbers cut the livestream, and Elina’s viewers were left worrying about her. Elina quickly took to Instagram after the robbery with a stream explaining that she’s “a little shaken up ’cause my phone got stolen. Just ripped out of my hand by some moped dude.”

Since the clip of her phone being stolen was posted online, it has been watched 35,000 times on Twitch and was shared to Livestream Fails like many videos before it. Some of Elina’s live viewers were shocked by the moment her phone was stolen as one said: “what” and another stated “wtf,” with both entirely capitalized. Although she didn’t go into details about what happened, Elina has confirmed to her relieved Instagram audience that she’s at home and fine despite missing a phone, but the situation could’ve been much worse if the suspicions she stated on Twitch were accurate.

Source: Twitch (via Dexerto)

Source: Gamerant

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