Interesting Pokemon Fan Art Combines Pikachu With the Night Sky

A Pokemon fan and artist sketches a combination of Pikachu and the starry night sky by hand and posts their drawing on social media for all to see.

A Pokemon fan and artist took inspiration from the night sky and combined it with Pikachu to create a work of art. When their sketch was complete, the artist posted their night sky Pikachu on Reddit, where they received compliments from other Pokemon fans for their creativity and art style.

Known as the Mouse Pokemon, Pikachu has long been synonymous with the Pokemon franchise. Even as Ash and Pikachu are prepared to leave the Pokemon anime, that has not stopped fan artists from paying tribute to the Mouse Pokemon.


On the r/gaming subreddit, a Reddit user named Neevee_19, also known as Cyeana, used markers to draw their night sky Pikachu on a sheet of brown kraft paper. While other artists have drawn Pikachu in other ways, such as the 18 different Pokemon types via digital art, Neevee_19 used a few shades of blue to draw most of Pikachu’s body by hand. Some darker tones were used for the night sky in Pikachu’s upper half and lighter shades towards Pikachu’s lower half, as well as the tail and ear tips. Pikachu’s tail had some cloud-like patterns drawn on it, and the moon was also drawn on Pikachu’s forehead. A cute expression on Pikachu’s face was drawn with a black marker. Neevee_19 also used a white marker to draw the stars that surrounded and adorned Pikachu. They used white as an outline glow for Pikachu, which gave it a glow similar to the one that Shiny Pokemon give off when encountered in the main video game series.

The post received over 100 upvotes on r/gaming within a day, and the comments praised Neevee_19 for their work. Despite Pikachu taking a slight tumble in popularity in late 2022, fan art of Pikachu continues to flourish even as the Pokemon franchise draws closer to its 30th anniversary. With work from fan artists such as Neevee_19 continuing to be created, it shows how popular Pikachu still is, even as some new Pokemon surge in popularity.

As Ash and Pikachu conclude their journey, it remains to be seen if some new Pokemon such as Sprigatito can carry the torch that Pikachu has borne since the Pokemon franchise’s inception. With DLC likely in the works for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and a new cast of Pokemon anime characters waiting to have their stories told, only time will tell.

Source: Gamerant

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