Indiefoxx’s ‘Permanent’ Twitch Ban Ends

On the night of April 4, popular and controversial streamer Jenelle “Indiefoxx” Dagres found out that her long banishment from Twitch suddenly ended. Shortly after, Indiefoxx then shared the news of Twitch removing her ban with her fans.

Back in 2021, Indiefoxx was banned after a wardrobe malfunction during an ASMR stream, although she would not reveal why she was banned from the start until last November during a podcast. Since then, using the name JenfoxxUwU, Indiefoxx has diversified herself and her brand away from the Amazon-owned platform while still sticking with ASMR, cosplay, and hot tub streams as her primary forms of content. But, given that her ban from Twitch is now at an end, Indiefoxx will have her old stomping ground to return to.


Indiefoxx’s Twitch ban was rescinded after a year, nine months, and six days, with no word at the time of writing as to why Twitch reversed course on its decision. Considering that Indiefoxx experienced six prior bans, all of which were the result of her breaking the terms of service for inappropriate stream attire and conduct, the sudden news came as a shock to both Indiefoxx and her followers. Shortly after the ban was lifted, Indiefoxx tweeted that she was crying and shaking with both disbelief and gratitude at the news. She also promised to be more careful and not mess up what may be her final chance on Twitch as a content creator.

While she has yet to go live on her Twitch channel at the time of writing, Indiefoxx’s follower count stood at just under 25K. Instead of a message that stated the Twitch channel was banned, Indiefoxx’s stream page is fully accessible in the state it was prior to her ban, with her chat celebrating the news. While not every streamer gets a second chance after receiving a permanent ban from Twitch despite repeated warnings, only time will tell when Indiefoxx will go live once again.

While other ASMR and hot streamers such as Amouranth have been on the receiving end of bans in the past from Twitch, some have since moved on to other platforms or have changed their content to avoid future discipline. While Indiefoxx has shown no signs of diverting away from the content that made her a Twitch partner, it remains to be seen what the future will hold for her, no matter which platform she streams on.

Source: Gamerant

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