Incredible Pokemon Fan Art Features Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar

One talented Pokemon fan decides to make a piece of artwork featuring the Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon known as Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar.

While there are many spooky Pokemon designs featured throughout the Pokemon series, arguably one of the most iconic belongs to Gastly and its evolution line. Gastly, along with Haunter and Gengar, are Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon that are part of the original Gen 1, and as a result, are quite popular with many fans. Recently, one passionate Pokemon gamer decided to make a unique yet stunning piece of artwork featuring these ghoulish pocket monsters.

Taking to Reddit, a user by the name of MediShiki_ posted an image of a drawing they had made based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, this artwork featured Gengar, the Ghost-type Pokemon. However, that was not the only Pokemon featured in the drawing. Gastly and Haunter, the other two pocket monsters from the evolution line, were present.


In the image, MediShiki_ managed to overlap the designs of the three Pokemon, creating three layers to the art. The outermost layer featured a silhouette of Gengar. This was followed by another outline, this time for Haunter. And finally, the innermost layer was drawn in a way to resemble Gastly. Among the highlights, the artist utilized the black color of the silhouettes of Gengar and Gastly to create what appeared to be a breathtaking starfield.

Unsurprisingly, it has not taken long for gamers to notice this incredible Pokemon fan art featuring Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar. With over 3,400 upvotes in less than a day, many were impressed with this unique take on the evolution line of these Ghost/Poison-type Pokemon. While a number of fans enjoyed the overall look of the art, some liked it so much that they wanted their own copy of the work. “My favorite ghost trio absolutely love the design so far,” tristamjoran said on Reddit.

Impressively this isn’t the first time that MediShiki_ has attempted to make this type of layered drawing. Over on Reddit, they have posted several other pictures showcasing this intriguing style. For example, they have another Pokemon drawing featuring the Sinnoh Starters and their evolution lines. In addition to Pokemon, they have made artwork based on Star Wars.

Interestingly, this is far from the only fan art showcasing these spooky Pokemon. Over the last couple of weeks, numerous Pokemon fans have been sharing their own creations. For example, another artist recently posted a picture of a neon LED sign they created featuring Haunter. It will be interesting to see what fan art from the popular franchise pops up next on Reddit. Perhaps MediShiki_ will decide to make another piece of art based on one of the other evolution lines seen in the Pokemon video games. One thing is for sure; if they decide to do that, they will have no shortage of options available to them.

Source: Gamerant

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