Incredible Pokemon Animation Shows Beedrill Hatching from Kakuna Shell

A Pokemon fan creates an incredible animation showcasing the process of a Beedrill hatching from the shell of a Kakuna

Pokemon fans use several mediums to create fan art. Some have designed digital art pieces of their favorite starter Pokemon while others create statues of Legendary Pokemon. However, one Pokemon fan decided to use the medium of animation to showcase a lesser seen Pokemon.

Beedrill is a Bug and Poison-type Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996. It is the more aggressive counterpart to Butterfree, a Bug and Flying-type, as both are found early in Viridian Forest within the original Pokemon games and its remakes.


A user on TikTok by the name of Dave Ashby created a short 3D animation showcasing the process of a Kakuna evolving into a Beedrill. The video opens by showcasing a hive of six Kakuna hanging from a tree with two of them being shiny. A Beedrill leaves the hollow opening in the tree and one of the Kakuna begins to split in half, hatching into a newly evolved Beedrill which begins to fly away following after the first Beedrill as the video comes to a close.

The video features a background track known as Bumblebee Who Likes to Eat KFC by Jordan Raskopoulos, which is a parody of Imagine Dragons & JID’s track Enemy. While this is one of the more recent videos Ashby has done in this style, they have created several more featuring other Pokemon including Lapras, Machop, and most recently Alakazam.

One thing fans might enjoy about Ashby’s content is how domesticated and wholesome they portray the Pokemon. Many of their animations showcase the Pokemon simply living their lives in nature or interacting with humans in charming ways. Some Pokemon fans enjoy discussing the idea of what owning a Pokemon would actually be like and Ashby’s videos give a look into what that potential living situation could be. Such as one of their more recent videos showcasing a group of Bellsprout roasting marshmallows with the help of the Fire-type Charmander.

The Pokemon world is home to a wide variety of different creatures that players of the many Pokemon games get to interact with. With the addition of features such as Pokemon Refresh in Generation 7 and Pokemon Camp in Generation 8, fans have more ways than ever to interact with the Pokemon they capture while on their adventures. With the upcoming Generation 9 Pokemon games on the horizon, fans can only speculate what form the trainer and Pokemon interactions will take and if they’ll be anything similar to Ashby’s videos.

Source: Gamerant

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