Incredible Overwatch Clip Shows Mercy Clutching Competitive Match

While the game is over six years old, Overwatch fans are still sharing incredible clips that depict their best moments. One recent Overwatch video highlighted a Mercy main’s clutch play, with the player winning the match for their team singlehandedly.

Mercy is an incredibly popular hero for several reasons, one of which is her gameplay style. Seen by many as one of the best introductory heroes, players that have never touched Overwatch can hop into the game for the first time, select Mercy, and have a positive impact on the match. Like with any hero, though, it takes time and practice to truly master Mercy’s kit, especially her Ultimate Ability Valkyrie.


Redditor and Overwatch player dunkelzeit clearly knew how to make good use of the ability, which sees Mercy being able to chain her healing and damage boost beams between teammates. More importantly in the case of this clip, Valkyrie also allows the hero to fly freely for its duration, something that can be used to get over obstacles or heal teammates from high above. In the clip posted by dunkelzeit, a well-used Valkyrie Ultimate is the only reason that a win became possible.

The clip covers the final seconds of a match on Eichenwalde, with the game tied at 3 to 3 and the Mercy player on the attacking side. At the start of the clip, the bodies of dunkelzeit’s team can be seen, with only the Winston and Ana being left alive. While the Mercy initially heals these two teammates, it becomes apparent that they have no hope, so she activates Valkyrie and flies off with under ten seconds remaining. With the enemies distracted by the Ana and Winston, she is able to make it to the objective, starting the capture as the timer ticks down.

Clearly, the enemy team was not expecting Mercy to try to sneak off and get an unexpected capture, as initially only a Torbjorn attempts to stop dunkelzeit. The Mercy does a fine job of suppressing him and destroying his turret with her pistol, and while a Sigma eventually turns the corner, he does not reach the point in time to stop the Mercy. The capture bar fills up and the Mercy secures a win for their team, with the post unsurprisingly going on to be a big hit with the Overwatch community. Considering that this happened in competitive play, where everyone is likely communicating and trying their best, the clip deserves its 4,500 upvotes.

With Overwatch 2’s next beta just a few weeks away, this Mercy player could soon have a chance to pull off some awesome plays within a new game. For those still playing the original Overwatch, though, the clip is a good reminder not to underestimate Mercy players – especially when they have Valkyrie.

Overwatch is available now on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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