Incredible Overwatch 2 Play Sees Reinhardt Go Flying to Kill Mercy

Players of Blizzard’s Overwatch 2 have been treated to new in game rules thanks to an April Fools update, with one player sharing a clip in which Reinhardt seemingly defies gravity during his charge attack, flying through the air to kill an airborne enemy Mercy. While the rule changes aren’t permanent, they have provided fans of Overwatch 2 plenty of enjoyment, with new limited time mechanics being added to characters, as well as temporary googly eyes. Although the update only lasts a day, it’s a part of a yearly tradition in which Blizzard celebrates April Fools by editing various in-game settings.


The April Fools update for Overwatch 2 changes various parts of the game, both in gameplay and in cosmetics. Characters have had their eyes replaced with comical googly eyes in Overwatch 2, and their in game abilities have been altered in unique ways. For instance, Genji has been changed to where he has a chance to heal himself when requesting healing in reference to an online joke. Reinhardt is one of the characters who’ve had a more extreme makeover for the holiday, as his charge now grants flight which players can control by hitting the crouch or jump buttons.

Reinhardt’s newfound flight ability is quite apparent in an online post, in which one can see the player soar through the streets to hit a flying enemy player. The enemy in question is using Mercy, a healer with the ability to fly high above the map using wings to avoid taking damage from incoming fire. Although Reinhardt is usually locked to the ground, the Overwatch 2 April Fools rule shift granted this particular user the ability to fly just as high as Mercy and eliminate her in an incredible play.

Some Overwatch 2 characters weren’t provided any extreme ability changes during the yearly update, like Cassidy, who was only granted a regenerating stamina which replaced the usual cooldown for his dodge roll, along with a reduced reload count from six to two bullets. Other heroes like Reinhardt or Brigitte were granted massively overhauled movement, wildly changing the flow of the game’s first person combat and opening the door to otherwise impossible plays.

Overwatch 2‘s April Fools changes are a yearly breath of fresh air into the franchise, providing fans of the hero shooter titles with a day full of humorous and interesting changes to the usually competitive multiplayer gameplay. Although some of these changes are hardly noticeable, unlike the aforementioned Reinhardt flying charge, others are a considerable improvement to some of Overwatch 2‘s more flawed mechanics. While Blizzard is already undoing its rule changes for the shooter, some fans of the title might actually want some of the updates to remain in place.

Overwatch 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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