Incredible GTA Online Clip Shows Jet Barely Escaping from Missile

Grand Theft Auto 5 offers an amazing opportunity for vehicle stunts, and sometimes they can even happen accidentally, like when Reddit user Jai-II-S006 was flying their jet above Los Santos. The fun ride came very close to being a catastrophe after a missile warning went off, but the GTA Online gods must have been smiling upon the gamer, as miraculously, the plane and the pilot escaped unharmed.

The player posted their video online, which began by showing a fairly uneventful flight above Los Santos International Airport. Soon enough, though, it is disrupted by an incoming missile and the beeping that warns about the homing missile locking onto the plane. Fortunately, perhaps thanks to quick reflexes, luck, or both, the anti-aircraft missile never seems to catch up with the plane. Thus, this unintended GTA jet stunt had a happy ending – at least as far as the video shows.


As the missile approaches, the pilot turns the plane, a military jet called Mammoth Hydra that is among the most expensive things in GTA Online with a nearly $4,000,000 price tag. Thanks to the blazing quickness of the jet plane, it manages to perfectly match the speed of the homing missile, creating a comical pursuit. The pilot keeps turning the plane sharply the entire time and manages to avoid contact.

The missile seems to come only inches away from the plane, but doesn’t explode. Instead, the missile runs out of juice around ten seconds later and falls off before exploding above Los Santos Internation Airport, leaving the lucky gamer and their expensive military jet without a scratch. While turning and trying to avoid the missile might have helped avoid certain death, the fact that the shooter didn’t choose to self-detonate the missile most definitely saved the Hydra pilot’s life.

The player revealed that he doesn’t know the originator of the missile and that at least four players were trying to get them killed, but a few Reddit comments have suggested that it is possibly an artillery truck by the name of Chernobog. GTA Online‘s HVY Chernobog is a military vehicle with anti-aircraft missiles that allow players to shoot up to five homing missiles in one burst. The over $3 million behemoth has a total of 15 barrels that shoot homing missiles that are larger than those from an Anti-Aircraft Trailer. Regardless of where the missile originated, the entertaining clip is worth a watch.

Grand Theft Auto 5 is available now on PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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