Incredible Concept Video Shows What a Gen 1 Pokemon Game Remake Could Look Like

A Pokemon Gen 1 fan imagines a remake that shares similarities with Pokemon Legends: Arceus, and features watercolor visuals from concept art.

Nintendo and Game Freak released the first Pokemon games way back in 1996 and although new titles in the series have been released, Gen 1 still maintains a dedicated community. One Pokemon Gen 1 fan recently imagined their own version of a Pokemon Legends title based in the first region and in the Red and Blue concept art style.

Twitter user Pokeyugami posted a clip of their Pokemon Gen 1 project this morning in which they’re exploring the Vermilion Forest, one of the early locations of the original Pokemon games. Vermilion Forest is home to many bug-type Pokemon, and it is also the first location Pokemon Red and Blue players can acquire an electric-type Pokemon as Pikachu can be occasionally spotted in the forest. Like other Pokemon titles, Pokeyugami’s video shows Pokemon roaming around the environment near tall grass, and a Bug Catcher that typically initiates battle can be interacted with.


Pokeyugami’s Pokemon clip begins with Red walking between a Caterpie and Weedle to approach a Pikachu eating an Oran Berry. The Pokemon trainer then comes across a Bug Catcher in fittingly blue gear that initiates a dialogue sequence between the two as Red throws a Poke Ball up and down before the battle takes place. Although Pokeyugami’s Pokemon Gen 1 clip ends before a battle between the two begins, it’s likely that the two would utilize the open environment similar to how battles play out in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokeyugami’s Pokemon Gen 1 video shows a notably open area, with Pokemon trainer Red’s Town Map, Bag, and Pokedex featured in the bottom left corner, and Poke Balls and Potions shown in the bottom right corner like Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The watercolor style of the video is based on the concept art that accompanied the release of Gen 1 in strategy guides and game manuals, and it drastically differs from the aesthetics of modern Pokemon titles like Pokemon Sword and Shield or Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl.

Since posting their Pokemon Gen 1 clip, over 100,000 Pokemon fans have seen Pokeyugami’s idea of new Pokemon Red and Blue games, and over 28,000 have shared the incredible concept. A lot of Pokemon Red and Blue fans have voiced their need for a game that looks like Pokeyugami’s creation rather than simply requesting a Pokemon Legends game set in Kanto. Pokemon Legends: Arceus remains a success for Nintendo Switch, but it’s currently unclear if Nintendo would revisit Gen 1 with the watercolor aesthetic popularized by the initial concept art and reinterpreted by Pokeyugami.

Source: Gamerant

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