Impressive Pokemon Animation Shows Poke Balls Being Made

An impressive Pokemon animation shows a series of machines putting together a Poke Ball for trainers to use to capture a pocket monster.

The world of Pokemon features impressive technology. There are a number of devices that have been made to help trainers in their quests to capture and train pocket monsters, with that technology becoming more and more extraordinary as the Pokemon series progressed.

One of the most crucial items to a trainer is the Poke Ball. The devices have evolved over the course of the Pokemon series, with early Poke Balls being made out of apricorns that had the technology to capture and store Pokemon in them. There are a number of different types of Poke Balls, all of which have different functions depending on what a trainer needs at the time.


An animator going by the name Revival shared a clip that they made of a Poke Ball being constructed. The animation shows all the parts of a Poke Ball being placed on a stand, forming the distinct object that Pokemon fans will immediately recognize.

The animation ends with a buffer coming down and giving the Poke Ball a nice shine, which is followed by a hand that grabs the ball off of the stand. In the background of the video, a Great Ball and Ultra Ball can be seen, showing off the main trio of Poke Balls that gamers will use in the mainline Pokemon games.

Revival’s animation has garnered a number of fans. Many find the work to be amazing, with some stating that Revival is getting really adept at their Pokemon animations. Some say that they have watched the animation loop a number of times, with one calling the clip satisfying. A few joke that Pokemon games should feature the same animation quality as Revival’s work, with one kidding that Nintendo should hire them.

Revival is not the only one getting creative with Poke Balls. A Redditor going by the handle smugglehog showed off their collection of Poke Balls that they had knitted. The artist stated that they will be making every type of Poke Ball and shared the nine that they had already completed. The completed balls included the standard Poke Ball, a Premier Ball, and a Master Ball. Previously, they had shown off a few Love Balls that they had knitted. The artist also displayed a number of Pokemon that they made, including Dratini and Alolan Raichu. Their work is impressive, especially when considering it is done by hand without a pattern.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are set to release in 2022 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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