Impressive Fan Art Combines Elden Ring and Berserk

One creative artist’s take on Elden Ring sees Godrick the Grafted, ruler of Stormveil Castle, cross swords with Berserk’s black swordsman, Guts.

The dark fantasy worlds inside FromSoftware’s games are ripe playgrounds for fan creations, especially from players creating their dream cross-overs with other games, shows, films, and more. Elden Ring has been no different, with fan art giving life to these wild ideas where players’ Tarnished and bosses find themselves crossing swords with surprising opponents. One particular piece of fan art gives life to one of the most appropriate potential cross-overs as one of the game’s many bosses finds himself in battle with Guts, the black swordsman and protagonist of Berserk.


Elden Ring is the latest Souls-like game from developer FromSoftware, who worked with A Song of Fire and Ice scribe George R.R. Martin to craft the story. Players take on the role of a Tarnished, resurrected warriors searching the Lands Between for the pieces of the titular shattered ring to gain its power and become the new Elden Lord. Standing between the tarnished and this power are the monsters and corrupted warriors wandering the Lands Between, the most powerful of which have been corrupted by their piece of the broken Elden Ring.

One such boss players cross swords with during their journey is the multi-limbed Godrick the Grafted, ruler of Stormveil Castle, who is brought to life on canvas by Reddit user GAISRIK. Their art sees Godrick preparing for battle with Guts, armed with his massive Dragon Slayer sword and wearing the Berserker armor bestowed on him by the mysterious Skull Knight in Berserk. GAISRIK’s art feels like it was lifted from a panel in the Berserk manga, as Guts commonly finds himself in battle with monsters of all shapes and sizes.

As mentioned above, there may be no more appropriate series to cross Elden Ring with than Berserk if the goal is to keep the aesthetic fairly uniform. Berserk was first released as a manga, following the life of the lone mercenary Guts as he ventures across an unnamed European-inspired dark fantasy world hunting for his former leader and friend, Griffith. The series would later be adapted into a short-lived, but popular, 1997 anime and again in the 2010s with several films and another anime series.

Players not familiar with Berserk just need to look up any battles from the aforementioned manga or anime to see why GAISRIK chose to go this route with their art. The demons Guts finds himself standing across from, whether it be any member of the God Hand, Zodd, or the Snake Lord, would feel right at home as a boss inside Elden Ring or any of FromSoftware’s other dark fantasy games like Bloodborne or Demon’s Souls. That said, it would not be surprising to learn if some on FromSoftware’s art team took some inspiration from the art of Berserk and similar dark fantasy anime when bringing life to their own game worlds.

Elden Ring is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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