Huge Paradox Interactive Steam Sale Makes Game Free to Play

Many of Paradox Interactive’s iconic strategy games are up to 80% off and one of their most popular titles is free to play for the weekend.

Steam is known for hosting regular Publisher Weekend sales and this time around it’s all about Paradox Interactive. Any fan of strategy games should be familiar with Paradox Interactive for its impressive roster of grand strategy titles and many of them are now available at significant discounts.

Paradox Interactive has been making strategy games since 2000 when it released the first entry in its Europa Universalis series of strategy games, then under the name Paradox Entertainment. In 2002 Paradox released Hearts of Iron, which would also become a long-lasting grand strategy franchise with numerous sequels. Establishing itself as one of the premier strategy game publishers in the industry, Paradox Interactive saw major success thanks to the extreme political depth of Crusader Kings, the galactic scale of Stellaris, and the addictive problem solving of its hit city builder, Cities: Skylines.


Many of these titles are now on sale during the Publisher Weekend sale showcasing Paradox Interactive’s catalog. The base game for Cities: Skylines is 75% off, and gamers can acquire the full Cities: Skylines Collection bundle for 51% off, a substantial discount considering the bundle is usually $278. Also 75% off is Hearts of Iron 4, and, like Cities: Skylines, its massive collection is also featured at a 53% discount saving close to $90. Crusader Kings 3 is 20% off, while its comprehensive Royal Edition is 10% off. The pricey Europa Universalis Ultimate Bundle is 50% off, saving gamers a staggering $200 USD. Paradox Interactive recently acquired Prison Architect and is offering the game for 53% off as well as discounting its numerous DLC.

Along with the significant discounts on many of its games, Paradox Interactive is giving gamers the chance to try out Stellaris for free during the Publisher Weekend event. Stellaris is one of Paradox’s most popular titles thanks to its emergent storytelling, sci-fi setting, and highly customizable civilizations that allow players to emulate their favorite sci-fi empires or create entirely unique ones. Stellaris has numerous DLCs that expand on its gameplay systems, but players trying the free edition for the weekend should still get a pretty good idea of how the game works and whether or not they’d like to pay for it. Stellaris receives regular free updates as well, so players can always expect new content on the horizon.

Many Paradox Interactive games have lots of DLC adding up to hundreds of dollars, so for gamers that want the complete package, now is a good time to grab these collections and bundles to save a lot of money.

Source: Steam

Source: Gamerant

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