How to use Zoom on a Chromebook

Until last year, the way to use Zoom on a ChromeOS device was to download and use Zoom’s ChromeOS app. However, in August of 2022, that app was sunsetted and replaced by the Zoom PWA (progressive web app) for ChromeOS. According to the Zoom blog, the idea was to leverage “web-based technology to deliver a native desktop experience.”

Chromebook users were given until February 2023 to switch over to the new app. If you haven’t done that yet or if you’re a little unsure of how to use the new app, here are some quick directions:

The initial sign-in page for Zoom PWA for ChromeOS.

And that’s it! You’ll get a fairly simple Zoom page with the usual Start, Join, and Schedule icons. An Add a calendar link will let you connect to your work or personal calendar so that the page can show all upcoming meetings. Or you can use the menu on top of the window to take part in a team chat, see any upcoming meetings, get a list of your contacts, or create a whiteboard.

The homepage for the Chromebook version of Zoom looks like any other Zoom homepage.

For example, if you click on Schedule, you’ll see the usual Schedule Meeting page.

Chromebook offers Zoom’s usual Schedule Meeting page.

And that’s it! Enjoy your Zoom meeting (assuming it’s a meeting that you actually want to attend, of course…).

Source: The Verge

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