How to unlock Stitch in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Stitch, the loveable blue alien from Lilo and Stitch, has finally landed in Disney Dreamlight Valley, but it’s a bit of a waiting game to unlock him. Most new characters are found in realms in the Dream Castle and will unlock after a fairly short questline. But with Stitch, you have to wait 10 real-life days before you can progress his quest after the first step. 

If you’ve not recruited the latest villagers, here’s how you can get Woody and Buzz to join you in the valley—they’ll need to be in the village for this quest to spawn. With that in mind, let’s look at how to get Stitch.

How to unlock Stitch 

First of all, head to Dazzle Beach to find a slimy sock. It’s usually found near the yet-unlocked Pillar of Power on the small island in the southeast area of Dazzle Beach, so head there first. Afterward, go and have a chat with Donald Duck who’ll tell you to search his house. You’ll find a weird tracking device and he’ll tell you to come and speak to him again in five days. That is five real-world days. There’s no time skipping this one, folks—you’ll just need to do literally anything else.

After five days, head to the Peaceful Meadow to find a chewed-up sock. It should be near the rocks that are overlooking Dazzle Beach, but if it isn’t there, just look for the sparkles over some orange socks. You’ll need to have a chat with Goofy about that one, then search his house for more clues—you’ll find some blue fur this time. Return to Donald who’ll run the fur through his strange device and then you’ll need to wait another five days to find the next clue. 

The final sock can be found in the Forest of Valor, in the area overlooking the Plaza. Once you’ve got that sock, you’ll need to speak to Kristoff, Mickey, and Merlin, however, you can just go straight to Merlin to advance the quest. Again, you’ll need to search his house for clues and destroy the junk lying around. You’ll find a claw that you can use with the DNA device to analyze, then you can use the device as a homing beacon.

For this part, head to Skull Rock, just off the little island where you found the first sock. Place the homing device and a cutscene will trigger, culminating in Stitch’s arrival on the island. You’ll then be able to build him a home for 10,000 Star Coins and you can start working on his friendship levels. 

Source: PC Gamer

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